Biking to DC in support of Dads

Robert and Rob EQUAL parenting bike trek!

I’ve mentioned previously the plan to bike to Washington, DC, in support of equal rights for fit dads. In less than a month, on August 11, the 600 mile trek of Robert Pedersen and Rob Mackenzie begins.

They do this to protect a child’s right to EQUAL time with BOTH fit parents! Many elected officials and supporters will see the riders off at the Lansing Capitol and over 100,000 will greet them in Washington, D.C.

Last month, Pedersen was runner-up Best Life Magazine’s Hero Dad Contest. (I guess the third-place finisher was only planning to bike a paltry 450 miles or something…)

Between this honor and the upcoming bike trek, the media is taking notice.

If you can volunteer to assist in this event, donate a buck or two, or just pass on a word of encouragement, head on over to Daddyblogger.