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Making do with what you have…

No time today. So go read Argghhh!’s account of Oscarsborg on April 9, 1940.


  1. Ironically, the greatest threat to our own fleet today seems to be domestic: The Navy is faced with building up its fleet from its current inventory of 281 ships to 313, and at the same time redesigning the fleet to address contemporary defense needs. In setting out to design new classes of surface combat ships, Navy planners are faced with one bombardment of cost overruns after another, souring good relations with several of its shipbuilders and temporarily closing down work in a new class of coastal warships, the Littoral Combat Ship being developed by Lockheed Martin. Costs have forced the Navy to revise upward the price tag for its 30-year shipbuilding plan, and cut production. High costs also have the service examining whether it should take a more hands-on approach to designing ships, a step that would require rebuilding its staff of designers in the Naval Sea Systems Command, the office in the Navy that oversees shipbuilding. Under present practices, the Navy spells out what it wants to accomplish with a new class of ships, but gives the contractor substantial latitude in designing it. A report prepared for the Navy several years ago noted that unbudgeted cost increases in shipbuilding had reached an untenable level, and observed that the Navy had ‘lost the recipe’ for building ships the nation can afford.

  2. Great article, Murdoc. I like the photo too. I wish there were a higher res one available. I guess I should leave a comment at Aaargh! asking for one. Those Germans sure can make some great stuff. Pity they used it to commit such evil.