Haven’t hit a single deer yet

Murdoc’s on the road again, and once again the wild-n-crazy Buckethead is going to help hold down the fort. I’m in the Denver area for the time being, running around looking for wifi after about four days without access or the chance to use what was available. Sorry for the no-notice delay in programming. (Excessive wedding reception celebration this past weekend contributed to the oversight, but I’ll never admit to that in writing…)

Meanwhile, a long but mostly well-reasoned discussion on the 2nd Amendment seems to be running on the recent post about black rifles, so go check it out and weigh in if interested in such things.

UPDATE: Also, I now see that a discussion about the net benefit of the existence of the USA has been running on the Congressional poll results post. Apparently, some think that the actual worst Congress ever was the one that passed the Declaration of Independence

As one commenter said, “Long Live the King!”

UPDATE 2: No, I don’t think he meant Elivs.