Perceptions of POTUS

Memo: The Cowboy Way/Or That’s the Way They Do It In Texas

From: Sgt. Mom
To: Assorted European Intellectuals and Those Americans Who Wish They Were Also
Re: On Being Snookered by an Archetype

1. Really, people, I am getting the feeling that you have never paid attention to all those stories and jokes about smart, cosmopolitan types who ventured out into the sticks to patronize the local yokels and wound up loosing their shirts, or their wallets, or at least a couple of illusions regarding making an assumption about a person based on that persons’ dress, accent, and apparent class (or lack thereof) when said yokels out-slicked the city slicker.

Sgt. Mom at Sgt. Stryker’s Daily Briefing makes some observations about perceptions of the US President and how they might not be true, no matter how much some wish they were. Check out the rest at the link above.

I’ve had a number of people express their desire for the administration to come right out and clearly define our position and plan for the War on Terror. Over the past couple of weeks a number of speeches by the President have done exactly what those folks asked, but the closest thing to an acknowledgement I’ve heard is that Bush has a good speech writer.

I’ll be the first to admit that the President of the United States isn’t a perfect leader of the free world. But this irrational hatred of Bush and his administration illustrates the Left’s lack of perspective.

Just my opinion.

The Left can ignore it all they want. But, at this point, a best case scenario for their nominee is an American economy in shambles and a sudden, massive failure in Iraq.