Friday Linkzookery – 03 Aug 2007

Phoenix Mars LanderNext Departure For Mars Stands Ready To Fly
Phoenix Mars Lander is scheduled to launch tomorrow on a Delta II. It will arrive on the red planet next May.

Land Warrior Proves Itself in Combat Ops
Future of the program is in doubt, but despite some problems it’s been pretty positive so far.

Iraqi, U.S. soldiers begin clearing Samarra
How many times are we going to clear Samarra?

Surveillance Camera Captures ‘Slip-N-Fall’ Scam

Shuttle-Constellation Transition Gallery
Artist renderings of Pad 39B reconfigured for Ares I launches.

Iraqi soccer champs return home lacking stars
Security fears damper celebrations; 3 allegedly don’t return due to danger

CB90 Riverine Command BoatNew riverine boats are fast, lethal, flexible
The CB90 Riverine Command Boat: A Stryker in the water.

Pet spider kills its owner
Body then eaten by pet snakes, lizards, spiders, and insects.

Northrop wins Navy UCAS bid over Boeing
Northrop’s X-47B outdoes Boeing’s X-45N.

isf_oob_aug07.jpgIraqi Security Forces Order of Battle: August 2007 Update
Almost certainly the best rundown of Iraqi forces you’re going to see anywhere.

A Future Natural Gas Cartel
Can’t wait.

US won’t go into Pakistan after Al Qaeda: Cheney
Isn’t saying this as dumb as Obama saying we should? Unless, of course, we already are. Then lie lie lie.

Audit shows Pentagon sold hundreds of F-14 parts
It’s not clear how many, if any, of the 1,400 parts sold were unique to the F-14. The sales hold applied to all Tomcat parts, whether or not they were also used on other planes.

China looks to the sea
EagleSpeak on China, sea lanes, and “dilemas”.

Croatia’s 2007 Wheeled APC Competition
DID covers the competitors.

Army extends public comment on Strykers
The battle over basing a Stryker brigade in Hawaii continues.

Virtual terrorists
Training online or just idiots?

Pentagon to implant microchips in soldiers’ brains
Land Warrior Plus?


  1. A natural gas cartel! I’d like to tell those bastards where they can shove their cartel. This is exactly why we need to stop importing energy from these psycho regimes. Did you see this article where Gingrich calls our war on terror a ‘phoney war’? This is exactly what I’ve been talking about. We let the kids do all the heavy lifting and we won’t get off our asses and help. We buy energy from these jerks who use the money to buy Chinese weapons to kill our sons, and that’s just another day in paradise.

  2. They’re building TWO riverine boats? Two lousy boats? I hope this is only for the purposes of evaluation and there will be some more.