20:58 23 Apr 2003

SpaceDaily has a number of good pieces on the space shuttle. One of the most recent discusses the potential ramifications of the findings of the Columbia investigation. There’s a lot of discussion about the workability or unworkability of escape capsules and near the end is this

In short, the Shuttle, as a manned vehicle, remains a flying deathtrap, and very likely there is no workable way to change that fact.

A flying deathtrap. This guy is even less of a shuttle fan than I am. I just think the shuttle is a disappointing waste of money that’s managed to kill off almost every meaningful space program.

Also, after speculation last week that flights may resume by the end of the year, NASA says no shuttle flights until 2004. Exactly how long would it take to reproduce the Saturn V?

Update 23:26 23 Apr 2003

Here’s the offical site of the Columbia Accident Investigation Board. I caught part of the hearing on NASA TV (very cool if you don’t mind not ever knowing what’s going to be on) and they posted the link afterwards. It’s pretty dry, but it’s straight from the horse’s mouth.