Minnesota Bridge

Minnesota sets ambitious goal for bridge fix
Officials hope rebuilding, normally a 3-year project, will be done by 2008

This is probably good, considering all mess the loss of this bridge is going to cause. But am I the only one who wonders about this:

The new bridge’s design will largely determine the cost, and although the federal government has pledged $250 million, Mahmoud said $300 million to $350 million –sounds about right.”

President Bush on Monday signed legislation that directs $250 million to rebuild the bridge. The legislation, passed by Congress over the weekend, waives the $100 million federal limit per state for emergency relief funds, authorizing $250 million for rebuilding the bridge.

Is it just me, or does it look a little like Minnesota just scored $250 million federal tax dollars for ignoring an aging bridge and letting it collapse into the river? Oh, and kill some people.

We keep defining down “emergency”. At least this doesn’t happen very often.


  1. Eisenhower would be ashamed, the way his interstate system hase fallen apart. The State and Federal Department of Transportation. Have failed the taxpayers again.

  2. I find it curious that the bridge that collapsed is right along the SPP highway route proposed. You know, the super highway that is supposed to connect the west coast of Mexico to Canada right up the middle of the US. They are currently building the Texas leg and proposing to steal…i mean aquire under eminent domain the property on the route. No wonder they want the bridge rebuilt by ’08

  3. Sigh – Normally a 3 year project?? Whoever is in charge of MN bridges, must come to the bay area NOW! Take the Oakland Bay bridge, sure the earthquake in 1989 caused it to partially collapse and the engineers deemed it had to be replaced. ‘After more than a decade of study, construction began on a replacement for the cantilever portion of the [bay]bridge on January 29, 2002, with completion originally slated for 2007. As of June 2006, the estimated completion year is 2013.[5]’ 24 years is a tad extreme just to build a damn bridge. Hell’s bells, the great pyramid only took about 20 years…