11:53 20 Apr 2003

The European Union is ALL OVER these developments.

“North Korea is a real danger to the world,” EU Commissioner for External Relations Chris Patten told Seven Network television in Australia. […]
“None of us want North Korea to turn into a sort of bomb-making factory, selling off weapons to any group or country that can afford to buy them,” said Patten, who is visiting Australia.

It’s revolutionary insight like this that makes the EU such a force to be reckoned with in the 21st century. Patten suggests that if we supply more aid to DPRK, we should expect them “not to manufacture nuclear weapons.” Wow. Now there’s a can’t-miss idea.

How about if we suggest that if DPRK doesn’t manufacture nuclear weapons, we don’t bomb the living daylights out of them? Is that less responsible than DPRK’s policy? I think there’s a middle ground here, but making another deal that will just be broken in a few years isn’t the middle ground. It’s surrender.

Well, at least the (Peace Via White Flags) EU will sort this all out.