The Deathly Hallows

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Goodbye, Harry

I wish I had written this:

We see, indeed, that loyalty is only tested, and only rendered meaningful, by self-sacrifice, a negation of the self for others; indeed this is the absolute moral and the basis of salvation at the end. This is a very Judeo-Christian message, if not the Judeo-Christian message, and all the more a shame that poorly-ground religionists condemn the books.

Ron Coleman nails many of my own personal thoughts on the series, and all of those I think are important. Even the “over-nazification” of the Ministry of Magic following Voldemort’s rise to power.

The entire series deals with many large issues, but the final book pulls no punches. If all kids get out of it is a desire to be a bit more like Harry, Ron, or Hermione, it will have effected great good. There are so few worthy “role model”-type characters out there that are actually popular with kids, but I’ve got to think that the Harry Potter series provides a realistic look at some good ones in some tough, soul-testing situations.

(It’s weird to refer to these stories as ‘realistic’, but, in fact, I think that many of the situations are very realistic. No, most kids don’t face life-threatening conflicts or deal with institution or individuals that threaten the world as we know it…but it seems like it at the time.)

I have my quibbles with some of the writing and some of the stories, but I must admit that I’ve found the entire series to be thoroughly enjoyable.


  1. I too thought it was a great series. One thing I find surprising is that we routinely refer to someone who is good at math or science, or good with technology such as computers a wizard, but at the same time consider that to be something dark and evil. Ironically wizards are to the British civilization what prophets were to the Hebrews. Obviously the wizards prior to the 5th century AD promoted differing religious values, but both used scientific methods and data collected over generations as a means of developing tools and weapons, predicting tides, seasons, and other terrestrial and astronomical phenomina. It’s like we think that remarkably smart people only existed in the post Renaissance era and prior to that existed only corrupt land barrons and hapless surfs despite evidence to the contrary such as the great engineering feats demonstrated by the pyramids of Egypt. Today the only people who refer to themselves as prophets are televangelists and other religious scam artists. A wizard is some nut who likes tatoos, robes, and stupid board games, and keeps lizards and spiders as pets. We fail to recongnize that intelligence has always been power and has been directly responsible for the success of the human species.

  2. So who died? Potter? I’m not interested enough to read the book or watch the movie to find out, but would still like to know.

  3. I have never read the books, but I do enjoy the films. So if the films are true to the books, I would have to assume the books are good. When the last book was released, I was expecting the ending to be blurted all over the net and MSM. However, I was not able to find any information about what happens to the main trio. I am not asking for anyone to give me this information. I will wait for the film. I just find it odd that this information was not publicized by the MSM who routinely publishes information such as: a) we are tracking bin laden via his satellite phone; b) the cia is flying terror suspects to other countries; and c) there are some ‘pictures’ from a place called Abu Ghraib. Apparently the media can keep a secret.

  4. It’s easy enough to get the plot spoilers for the last book, or all the books if you’re so inclined. Go to wikipedia, type in Harry Potter, and Presto! you can get a synopsis of all the books, all the movies, a bio on all the characters, etc. etc. etc.

  5. The films are, indeed, quite good. I particularly think the last two were excellent. Like all films adapted from books, they aren’t quite the same. That’s an interesting point about being able to keep Harry Potter’s ending a secret but not military plans. I feel a post coming on. Oh, and who died? I’m not telling. I don’t know what the fair amount of time is before spilling the beans openly, but it hasn’t passed yet. As for the person I know who hasn’t seen Order of the Phoenix OR READ THE BOOK yet, however…You have only yourself to blame if the plot gets spoiled for you. Come on.

  6. Great, first ‘The Philosopher’s Stone’ became the ‘The Sorcerer’s Stone’, then the whole ‘Deathy Hallows’ controversy. Blimey.