Friday Linkzookery – 17 Aug 2007

Terrorist Propaganda Picture of the Week

Iraq Report: Sunni insurgents vs. al Qaeda in Diyala
I’m sure that the big bombings over the past few days have convinced Iraqis that the terrorists are the good guys.

No refill please! Drinks can add on the pounds
I think drinks are a huge part of a lot of peoples’ weight issues. You take in a lot of calories that you don’t really think about.

NASA Decides To Phase Out Delta 2
Now that the USAF has decided to stop using the booster, NASA has determined that it will be cheaper to use Atlas 5s or Delta 4s for launches that would have used Delta 2, even if the larger vehicles are underloaded.

German militant convicted of GI’s murder freed
Served 21 years of a life sentence. Nice. Great to see justice done.

I Am Not A Global Warming Heretic, or Denier
Murdoc’s position is very, very close to that of Dean.

Pistol-Packin’ Senator
Lindsey Graham in Iraq.

“Arms cache” was actually scrap metal
Liberian discovery not quite as dangerous as first thought.

M-1A3 Forever
Didn’t Twilight:2000 have an M1A3 with a remote turret?

Chris Matthews Is A Creepy Perv
Just bizarre.

‘We know where the insurgents are, please stop shooting’
Arty gettin’ it done.

Mom Always Said To Wear Clean Underwear
Nice wardrobe choice for your DUI mugshot.

Ma Deuce Oopsie
Funny how the troops appear completely unfazed by this.

The Murdocmobile
What is this thing?

How better-fed cows could cool the planet


  1. M-1A3 Forever’ When you’re onto a good thing, stick to it. and If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. ‘Mom Always Said To Wear Clean Underwear’ It would be pretty funny if it weren’t so dangerous. ‘Ma Deuce Oopsie’ Now that IS funny. Only because they weren’t actually in a firefight at the time. ‘The Murdocmobile What is this thing?’ It’s the M573 Tactical Spooning Vehicle, of course. When someone’s shooting at you, it’s best to have your buddies close. In this case, it looks like they’re practically in your lap…

  2. ‘German militant convicted of GI’s murder freed Served 21 years of a life sentence. Nice. Great to see justice done.’ Actually 21-years is pretty good for murder in the European Union member States. Ireland, for example, generally releases a convicted murderer after 14-Years. HOWEVER, A majority of murders are downgraded to manslaughter because the DPP (Department of Public Prosecutions) AKA: The State Prosecuter’s office is filled with a bunch of incompetent part-timers. So rather than lose the entire case and see the killer go Scot free they generally agree to a manslaughter charge. Average time served for manslaughter? 8-years!

  3. MO, And a ‘Twilight:2000′ reference? NOW you’re talkin’ my language! Sheesh I haven’t seen that game in the better part of 20 years. Had alot of fun with it. Come to think of it, now that I have a family, a mortgage, a real job, a very small part time consulting gig, joint accounts, itemized everything, etc etc…I still think my tax form is less complicated now than the ‘Twilight:2000’ character worksheet/record sheet was then. Btw my wife, who is from Poland, gave me a few odd glances and a nervous chuckle when I explained how I knew some of these Polish place names…

  4. I believe the ‘Murdoc mobile’ is a French Panhard EBR, or an earlier version known as the AM40. Apparently, only one AM 40 was ever built, but the EBRs went to full production. I actually saw a picture of one last night as I was flipping through a 1979 Soldier of Fortune magazine. It was being used by the FNLA in Angola. The caption described it as a ‘Panhard’ so I had to do a little googling to find out more. BTW, the article was titled ‘Carter Sells Out Angolan Freedom Fighters’. History does repeat itself–