Gettysburg, PA

Murdoc continues to be swamped, but don’t forget about the Equal Parenting Bike Trek. Robb and Robert (who suffered a bit o’ heat stroke earlier this week) have made it to Gettysburg, PA, according to an email update that just arrived.

If the Union were counting on them to make a bayonet charge to keep Johnny Reb from turning the flank, the Union would be screwed. Those guys are tired. And there’s only two of them. Bayonet charges are usually most effective with more than two.

So they’ll just keep biking.


  1. Murdoc, God bless ’em both. I only wish I could send some more to help out. I’ve been through Gburg many a time. About ten years ago, I was part of a group that recreated the march to Gettysburg by the 1st/3rd/11th Corps wing of the AOP. WE started at Catocton Furnace, marched to Emittsburg and camped overnight there. next day we followed their route up the Gettysburg. 22 miles in 2 days in blue uniforms. I fully understand tired and heat. Next year, there’s a group planning to do the whole route from the Poyomac to gettysburg, following in real time the march of the AOP. I may try and participate, but that’s a LOT of miles and time to consider. Respects,