12:34 19 Apr 2003

According to this The Australian piece, Bush told Autralian Prime Minister John Howard last week that Aussie SAS in western Iraq were the first Allied forces to engage Iraqi troops. They were part of the probably massive special forces effort to hunt down and destroy the threat of ballistic missile attack against Israel and other neighboring countries. According to Defence Chief Gen. Peter Cosgrove

“They realised: ‘Oops. We won’t be going back into that area. Every time you go in there you get hit.’ ”
Coalition special forces are believed to have mounted their initial forays into Iraq from a number of countries including Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Turkey.

I believe that the most important story of this campagn is going to turn out to be the role that special forces played, and we will probably never see more than the tip of the iceberg. It’s nice see that some of our allies were the first into battle, and that Bush wants to make sure everyone knows it. Unilateral warfare at its best.