Semper Fi in his eye


There’s no mistaking which branch of the military Nicholas Popaditch served with — his prosthetic eye is embedded with the Marine Corps emblem. Popaditch, a retired gunnery sergeant and tank commander from San Diego, was wounded by a rocket-propelled grenade in Fallujah, Iraq. He lost his right eye and most of the vision in his left.

Via Reddit. Get a load of some of the intelligent comments:

xtra_sharp 6 points 1 hour ago

sbrown123 2 points 21 minutes ago*
Drone-4-Life (or death, whichever comes faster)

altheahouse 2 points 19 minutes ago
He should have an image of Bush, the man who cost him his eyesight, embedded in his socket.

SaddleShoe 2 points 10 minutes ago
They should ahve given him one of Bush’s eyes…

urusai 2 points 23 minutes ago
Even after his country fucked up his eye for no good reason, he’s still a loyal jarhead. Poor guy.

Don’t you just love intelligent conversation? Don’t question anyone’s patriotism. Dissent is the highest form of it.


  1. That’s the ‘Cigar Smoking Sergeant’ for those of you who don’t know. The one in the famous photo with the Iraqi’s pulling down Saddam’s statue in the background.

  2. Phelps : Is this the same guy who was hit in the head with an RPG but continued operating his tank until they prevailed? That has to be one of the most amazing stories I’ve ever read.

  3. The eye looks cool I have seen peeps pay for contacts that look like such (not marine core emblems but other symbols). As for the those who chose to make idiotic pansies remarks like those mentioned above, I imagine those type would never pull the balls if they even had them to say such BS to this Marine face to face and if they had (can’t speak for others) BUT if I was standing their well …..

  4. Didn’t read any of the comments, but as it’s a modern truism that’ Total Anonymity + Lack of Maturity, Intelligence, Responsibility, Patriotism (pick any combo) = Total Smacktardidness; I’m sure I can guess at their content. Hats off to the Gunny, for serving his country for so long and faithfully, giving so much, and still living the creed. If the eye serves in any way to make his days a little prouder and easier to get through………than good for him! Semper Fi Gunney!

  5. The anonymity if the internet is both its greatest facet of good and its worst trait of evil. I’ll give you a guess which one is being exercised via those comments.