Wait a minute…now Iraq ISN’T like Vietnam?

Hands Off My Analogy
Liberals object when Bush discusses Vietnam

Who would have ever guessed that would happen?


  1. The Weekly Standard scores a great debating point. Other than winning a debating contest how does this change our current position? At the end of the day we are still in Iraq spending blood and treasure with no end in sight, in the war they pushed no less.

  2. I agree, spacey. Calling war critics on their whining about Vietnam analogies is basically a debating point and doesn’t really contribute to winning. Of course, neither did the original Vietnam analogies made by war critics back when it was, apparently, okay to make Vietnam analogies. Basically, calling war critics on their duplicity in this matter is a case of ‘You know most of those war critics? Sometimes they’re full of shit. Their point? It’s sometimes pointless.’ Iraq isn’t Vietnam. Four plus years of telling us it is didn’t change anything then, and it doesn’t change anything now. That doesn’t mean that lessons shouldn’t have been learned and that we shouldn’t try to put those lessons to use. War critics only seem to think their Vietnam lessons count and whine about it when others have valid lessons, as well. They’re unserious about this (most of them always have been), and calling them on their unseriousness is part of educating folks about who the debaters in the debate are.

  3. I saw a friend of mine this weekend who flew B-52s in Linebacker 1 and 2, got a couple of silver stars for those. He called Rumsfeld the McNamera of this war. Amazing how you can not see someone for years and be right on the same page when you run into them. It’s amazing, my wife was reading a book about Iran and told me they lost 1 million people in the Iraq war, which lasted 6 years. I had read somewhere else that Iran got most of its territory back from Iraq using human wave attacks, where most of their people were unarmed and told to pick up the weapon of those who died in front of them or from the enemy soldiers. Somehow I doubt they’re impressed by our dumbass little fiasco.

  4. It’s nothing but a debating point unless our national leaders learn from the past and adjust their behavior. In 1975 our military had won the war but our leaders had lost their will (or preferred the enemy to our civilization). As a result, an entire region of the world was forfeited to our enemies and millions died. It turned out to be the last big victory of the communists in the Cold War. Are we going to forfeit a big chunk of the Middle East to jihadists or see the thing through? It might be the first, not the last, big victory for the jihadists.