Iraqis training with M-16s

Iraqi army soldiers with 2nd Brigade, 7th Iraqi Army Division shoot M-16A2 rifles at the small arms range at Camp Al Asad, Iraq, Aug. 13, 2007. U.S. Marines from 4th Reconnaissance Battalion, 4th Marine Division are working with the Iraqi soldiers to teach them various war fighting techniques. (U.S. Marine Corps photo by Cpl. Shane S. Keller)

Iraqi poodles beware!


  1. For a second after reading Bill Frank’s comment I thought someone might have reversed the photo, but no, those first three soldiers are definately firing left-handed. It looks like the rest of the visible soldiers are right-handed, so I wonder if they just didn’t put all the lefties on the end of the firing line.

  2. I had to look my self. They are definitely lefty as there is no ejection port for the brass to come out if it were a reversed negative.

  3. Doesnt seem very wise to give ‘fragile’ M16s to iraquian soldiers. They are used to the rough AK.

  4. Nope, hes using the ones that have the green end you stick in for outdoor shooting and the yellow end you stick in for indoor shooting. If you look close you can see its a kindof stepped design. Thats what gives it away.

  5. Nicholas, There may be something to that, that the pic wouldn’t exist if the troops in it were being grabastic. Then again, none of the guys pictured has a brainbucket on… Brian, Matter of fact, that’s *my* old M16A2 right up front there. I can tell by the color.

  6. At least it’s the Marines who’re training them (now don’t get your panties in a bunch if your not a former/Marine–I’m not. LOL!). I wonder why they’re bothering to train them on our rifle though? Are we going to mess up their logistics system more by adding another parts/ammo supply issue to deal with? Just gving them a fam fire op? Trying to create another reality show (who wants to be a US Military/Industrial Complex Billionaire) to assist our impoverished corporations with their bottom lines? Wassup? MURDOC RESPONDS: The Iraqi Army is beginning to transition to the M-16.

  7. I wonder if the US Army is trying to get rid of its older M-16s. When I was in we were transitioning from the A1 to the A2 and many of the A1s were still in good shape. I assumed they just put them into storage. Now they have given almost everyone I have seen an M4. I am sure most A2s are still in decent condition in storage somewhere. So maybe they are unloading them to free up warehouse space. It’s not like they were planning on reissuing them.

  8. Actually, the US Army doesn’t even have a regulation that requires the wearing of helmets on rifle or pistol ranges. It’s just standard practice, the whole ‘train as you fight’ thing. Go watch SF guys, snipers, or AMU shooters sometime. They very rarely wear helmets. IIRC, the Marines also teach marksmanship with no helmets or other battle rattle. The Army does in in full battle kit, to include IBA.

  9. IIRC, the Marines also teach marksmanship with no helmets or other battle rattle. They didn’t a few years ago. The idea is that it’s important to get the basics without distraction. Later you can adapt to the deuce gear. For that matter I’ve never understood the Army’s fetish for wearing armor and other gee-gaws in garrison. Wearing a helmet for parade .. you do that why?

  10. Boy don’t I have egg on my face. That guy IS wearing his earplugs in backwards. According to Brigade Quartermaster the ‘White’ end goes in when you are outside and the ‘Green’ end goes in when you are inside…color me embarrassed.

  11. Brian, IMHO if you are wearing the body armor and the helmet all the time you get used with it, so it becomes like a part of you. When you are on the battlefield, you do not feel unusual, as you are already used with this stuff. The same is happening when you carry the rifle everywhere.

  12. The same is happening when you carry the rifle everywhere. That’s the justification – but I don’t think it’s happening that way for most guys. The times I’ve seen army wear helmets on parade .. they’re worn for the parade then doffed.