Aegis BMD info leak in Japan

Japan Military Homes, Ship Raided Over Data Leak

Here’s something to make you feel all warm inside:

The homes of several serving members of Japan’s Maritime Self Defense Force (JMSDF) and a destroyer were raided as part of an investigation into a leak of sensitive military data from a computer, Japan’s Kyodo News reported Tuesday.

Officers from the Kanagawa prefectural police force and the JMSDF’s own criminal investigations unit are investigating the leak of information related to the Aegis missile defense system, the sea-based Standard Missile-3 interceptor system and the reconnaissance satellite data exchange Link 16 system.

The Aegis leak first came to light in March this year when police were conducting an immigration-related investigation into the Chinese wife of a JMSDF officer. During the search they came across the data, which included the radar and transmission frequencies of the Aegis system. The officer wasn’t authorized to be in possession of the data so the investigation was begun. [emphasis Murdoc’s]

Apparently, the data was leaked as a result of a porn-swapping network.

And they want F-22s?


  1. Darn, Murdoc, you beat me to it. I wanted to say, ‘and they want F-22s?’ Heck, look at how well it turned out for us selling those F-14s to Iran. Without those, Russia never develops the Su-30. Oh wait, we’re not supposed to actually acknowledge that’s what happened.

  2. I like Japan, but it is hard enough keeping secrets in the good old USA, with the likes of the Walkers & Pollard, without having to worry about whether our allies will do the same. Question to dfens: How did the Su-27 (30) benefit from the F-14? And was this before the Shah left Iran or after?

  3. If Hillary is elected, the plans for the F-22 will be given away for the price of a political donation. Japan’s still a safer place to keep military secrets than America. 🙁

  4. Yeah, well, I don’t think Hillary is the only politician taking bribes – er campaign money from foriegn governments. Have you noticed Bush’s policies lately? He just had a big ol’ love fest with the Mexicans and Canadians where they talked about their North American Union, and he hasn’t exactly been tough with either the Chinese or Saudis. Probably hoping they’ll ‘invest’ as much in his library as they did Clinton’s. As for how the Su-30 benefitted from the F-14, look at them and see what their similarities are. There are reasons they look similar. I’m not going to tell you what those reasons are or why they work, but I know why, and now they do as well. The same reasons that make the F-14 work well make the F-18, F-15 and F-22, a barn door relatively speaking.

  5. Yea, what goes with porn better than missile defense secrets? It’s kinda like chocolate and ice cream or steak and potatos. LOL! Cripes! At least their investigative agencies got after it. Gotta wonder how long the leakers were doing their thing though.