Sorry about that…

German Chair of of IPPNW Describes 9/11 Terror Attacks as “Airplane Accidents”

A sort of “accidentally on purpose”, I guess?


  1. ‘The Chairwoman of the German branch of the International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War’ What did you expect a European, Liberal, anti-war Muppet to say?

  2. Yeah, sure, just like Hitler showing up in Poland in 1939 was accidental; he and the guys were just headed to the beach and got lost.

  3. She did not simply misspeak either. She is searching for words there because she clearly does not want to say ‘attacks’. Conflict denial is common in Europe because America fought the cold war while many Europeans preferred to sit it out and practice detente, perhaps protest a little against ‘cowboy’ Reagan. When the Warsaw Pact disappeared with a whimper, they felt vindicated. They are like the village idiot who thinks he slew the dragon.