21:34 18 Apr 2003

On vacation in Texas, we visited the USS Texas today in La Porte. For $5, you basically get an unsupervised run of the ship. A lot of stations are locked off, but you get to check out a lot of AA guns, many of which you can train using the hand cranks (the 40mm quads are a lot of work) and you can climb inside one of the twin 14″ main turrets. Very cool. You also get to check out quite a bit below decks, including a lot of engineering. In a word: Awesome. The Texas is the oldest surviving battleship. She was active in WW1, and bombarded the shores of North Africa, Normandy, South France, Iwo Jima, and Okinawa during WW2. If you’re in the area, check her out. How many chances does one get to stand on the deck of a battleship?

BTW, I took that pic this afternoon. A real life battleship. Too cool.


  1. I’ve been alerted to the fact that the entrance fee has increased to $10 since I visited in early 2003. Still a steal no matter how you look at it. I’m going to be trying to be there for one of the ‘Hard Hat Tours’ on October 14, 2006. Drop me a line if anyone else is going to be there…