‘A voice for justice for all of Latin America’

Someone kick this illegal out:

We have shown that we are not only for protecting the rights of the undocumented but we are struggling for Latinos to become a voice for justice for all of Latin America. We have supported self-determination and opposed assimilation into this nation’s individualistic, imperialistic values. We have taught that our people did not come here because of the American Dream but because of what the American nightmare did to our countries of origin. We have asserted that our demand to be here and to be fully enfranchised here is a right not a privilige and a destiny of our people to transform this nation.


This is the position of Pueblo Sin Fronteras/La Familia Latina Unida.

This is the position of Elvira Arellano whose faith and defiance and and humility and commitment to the people inspire has inspired all of us to serve our people and not use our people.

Arellano is out (for now) but the problem hasn’t gone anywhere.

Via a commenter.


  1. Sounds like that amigo has a serious case of Anglophobia along with an inferiority complex the size of Brazil.

  2. What I don’t get is why stuff like this is not covered by the MSM. During last year’s rallies for illegals, many marched with foreign flags or carried banners with Aztlan inspired slogans and they were mostly ignored. Yet if one KKK-type guy was in a counter protest, the media fixated their coverage on that guy and tried to imply all opponents were racists. Our president even called the minutemen vigilantes. Here we have a woman who might become the ‘rosa parks’ of the open borders crowd making statements that would probably shock most Americans. I don’t know if she is representative of the majority of illegals or not, but she has assumed a special status. The media did not hesitate to show her saga seeking refuge in a church for over a year. They tried to play upon the heart strings of Americans by showing her being separated from her son. Yet, I haven’t seen them show her comments that are posted on the website MO references. Couple this with the recent comments by the new Mexican president during his state of the nation address and it makes one wonder what is really going on. With comments like ‘Where there is a Mexican, there is Mexico’, makes me wonder if we are in danger of having what happened to the Serbs with Albanians in Kosovo happen here with Mexicans in the Southwest. http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2007/09/02/AR2007090200958.html I just don’t get why the elites, both dems and gop, don’t seem to care or worry about the potential conflict that might be headed our way.

  3. We’ve got top people working on that. Top people.

    This trend is typified by the soaring surveillance towers, not to mention soaring cost, of SBInet (as in Safe Border Initiative), a high-technology surveillance system managed by Boeing. It’s being marketed as a ‘virtual fence’ that will detect intruders from Mexico and ultimately Canada. The fence employs radar, cameras, acoustic and other surveillance technology sensors. These are all linked by a complex computer network that theoretically will enable agents in some distant command post to monitor any and all illegal incursions and take appropriate action, including broadcasting high-volume warnings from tower-mounted loudspeakers. One useful indication of where all this is headed can be found in the Army’s ongoing Future Combat Systems program, also managed by Boeing. This $168 billion extravaganza of computers, sensors and robots is theoretically able to automatically detect and target battlefield threats, making it so deadly to a foe, its proponents claim, that it may be possible to dispense with armor on U.S. military vehicles. Conceptually and in other ways, FCS and SBInet have much in common. Both are based on the notion that technology can confer total awareness of a situation, leading to the automatic destruction of an enemy tank or the apprehension of a would-be tomato picker sidling across the border. Both, furthermore, can trace their ancestry to the Vietnam War and the original electronic fence composed of thousands of sensors that was deployed at vast expense across the Ho Chi Minh Trail, in hopes of detecting and destroying supplies coming south for the Viet Cong. Known as ‘McNamara’s Wall’ for then-Defense Secretary Robert S. McNamara, it never showed any sign of working and was quietly abandoned in 1970. As a memento, Pentagon analysts preserved the tape of a relay from one sensor, the smart rock of its day, faithfully transmitting the sound of some passing Viet Cong urinating on it. Despite this sorry record, our border guardians love their electronic fences. Before SBInet, there was the 1990s-era Integrated Surveillance Intelligence System, ultimately shelved as a technical and financial disaster, complete with contractor rip-offs. Then came the more ambitious America’s Shield Initiative, generating a similar result. Together, the two failed efforts cost $429 million. SBInet, even more ambitious in design than its predecessors, was endorsed by Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff in 2005. The southern portion is projected to cost $7.6 billion by 2011. But Richard L. Skinner, DHS’s inspector general, has reported that the cost could reach $30 billion. (Old Pentagon hands refer to this disparity between present and future costs as ‘front loading.’) Boeing, the prime contractor, is largely being left to itself to define the program objectives. As the Government Accountability Office delicately reported earlier this year, the project’s budget ‘lacked specificity’ on ‘anticipated costs’ and ‘expected mission outcomes,’ meaning that DHS has no idea what it will cost or what it will do.

    I feel safer already.

  4. I honestly would be proud to be called a ‘Vigilante’. ‘The term vigilante is Spanish for ‘watchman,’ ultimately from Latin vigilant- the present participle of vigilare ‘to watch.” http://www.thefreedictionary.com/vigilante http://bartleby.com/61/76/V0097600.html http://encarta.msn.com/dictionary_1861734125/vigilante.html When ‘law enforcment’ is no longer doing the job that We the People have hired them to do, then we have no choice but to take the athority that we granted them BACK and DO THAT JOB OURSELVES. Enforcing the law yourself is not only a god given right, but a constitutional one as the people in our local and state governments are only representatives. When we hire/elect them, we grant them the athority to do the job. We do NOT however abdicate that athority. We The People are the government as stated by the Constitution. Everyone uses ‘vigilante’ as a dirty word. I would be PROUD to wear that label.

  5. coolhand – ‘Enforcing the law yourself is not only a god given right, but a constitutional one’ Isn’t that specifically NOT true? Ignoring the ‘god given’ part (I’ve read a lot of our laws…I’m pretty sure god didn’t write those), as much as I want to ticket, apprehend, or other wise meat out punitive measures on the guy that almost made me head-on into him at 60 mph this morning (true story, just 20 minutes ago), if I attempted to do so, it would be ME in trouble, not him. As much as I am annoyed with this, I’m pretty sure I’m comfortable with it compared to the alternative. BACK ON TOPIC: This should be more widely known, discussed, and reacted to. Period.

  6. Coolhand is right. If you wanted to and could identify the person who nearly killed you, you could have legal charges brought against that person. The police and the district attorney like to pretend the law is theirs alone, but it is not. You do not get to be the judge and executioner under our legal system, but you can be the accuser. You do not have to be police or border enforcment for that.

  7. Dfens – You are correct, I can accuse. coolhand was referring to ENFORCEMENT. I have NO right to that at all, whatsoever. That is for law enforcement. (That’s why they have ENFORCEMENT in their description. 🙂

  8. Although it is hard to find in the MSM, I have found two good articles condemning the Mexican President’s recent speech. I just wish more in the MSM would run with it. Lou Dobbs wrote: Mexican President Felipe Calderon Sunday demanded the United States surrender its sovereignty, abandon the rule of law and accede to Mexico’s inherent supremacy. http://www.cnn.com/2007/US/09/04/Dobbs.Sept5/index.html Pat Buchanan said: Were the United States a serious nation, Calderon’s claim that Mexico extends into the United States would have produced an instant demand from the U.S. ambassador for clarification. Failing to receive it, he would have packed his bags, and the United States would be on the verge of severing diplomatic relations. http://www.wnd.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=57504 Heck, we mobilize a carrier strike group whenever the Iranian president says anything. Yet, our leaders totally ignore this talk coming from Mexico. No wonder Elvira and her supporters felt comfortable stating their opposition to America and assimilation.

  9. Yes you do have a right to enforce. Its called Citizens Arrest. You have the right to enforce your right to life as well. Its called shooting the bastard that threatens you with bodily harm or death. Thats what self defense is all about. Again, if the enforcement personnell that you hire are not doing their job (protecting you) then you have every right to protect yourself. I am not saying you have to be stupid about it, but guess what, you DO have the right and duty to do something when and if you can. Were some illigals to enter my property, I would put them under arrest for felony tresspass as is my right as a resident and property owner. If the courts weren’t skewed to favor the lawyers over the people, I wouldn’t have to worry about getting a lawsuit dismissed afterwards for ‘illigal detainment’ or whatever. Frankly, with the ‘Castle Doctrine’ now being codified into law, that should put a big damper on criminals and their families suing for being detained, injured or killed while they are in commission of a crime and you defend yourself. It shouldn’t have had to be codified. The Judges should have been throwing these cases out as they have no ‘merit’.

  10. I agree with Spacey, it’s time we stopped being the bitch of anyone who flashes some cash at our elected officials. I suppose if Iran was contributing to the presidential library fund they could say whatever they wanted about us too. It certainly works for the Saudis.

  11. Thats why I am pulling for Dr. Ron Paul. He wants us out of the mid east as soon as we can safely withdraw. Not to say that he will just abandon Iraq. We broke it, we need to finish fixing it, but once its fixed, its time to get out. Its time to get out of Saudi and let the house of Saud fall. Its time to get off foreign oil. Its time to get our fingers out of the pies and deal with our own domestic issues like returning to being a Constitutional, Democratically Elected Republic instead of a borderline mobocracy/police state.

  12. Amen to that coolhand. Ron Paul is the only traditional Republican candidate. When this party became about telling people what to do in their person lives (read abortion and gay marriage) and fighting wars for the interests of foreign nations and not our own (read Israel) are leadership has become nothing but a corrupt, immoral group of asshats bent on selling out the American people to the highest bidder, whether that be international corporations or AIPAC.