RE: 8 Bears

Yesterday I noted that the Brits once again had to scramble planes to intercept Russian bombers headed for UK airspace.

Today in Captain’s Quarters:

Make no mistake — allies do not test each other’s air defenses.


  1. CQ’s users are pretty harsh on the Russians. I don’t understand all the negative feelings toward them. I was a staunch anti-communist during the Soviet days. But when that ended I had no personal animosity toward the Russians. It seems like a lot of the guys are still longing for the old USA-USSR days. Let’s face it, that was an exciting time. The space race, the olympics, all those things were better during the cold war. Since then our space program is lackluster and the Olympics suck. Yes allies don’t test one another’s air defences. But I thought allies don’t spy on one another either. Also, allies don’t install ABM systems close to the borders of a friend. Allies don’t partrol another allie’s inland sea without permission. The Russians are paranoid by nature and have good reason to be. They have had 3 major invasions of their territory from the West, and therefore are concerned about those borders. Russia is no threat to America. Yes, they would like to have influence over the former soviet states along their border. But is this any different than the US wanting to influence nations close to us? We boycott Cuba, tried to help the opposition oust Chavez, and had our hand in many coups from Central America to Chile. We invaded Granada rather than allow it to become a base. I am not necessarily disagreeing with this. If it is in our national interest, then fine. But why should we think Russia won’t do the same near their borders? If you want to go after a real threat, look closer to home. There is a nation along our border that has sent almost 25% of its population to live in our nation, both legally and illegally. They export their poor and force us to pick up the social services of those people. They withdraw billions of dollars tax free from those people each year. That nation now makes demands upon us that Russia would never dream of. Their language has now become a de facto language of our nation and our presidential candidates now cater for votes with it. Russian immigrants still have to learn English. CG talks about presenting Russia with a bill to cover the cost of scrambled fighters. What about presenting Mexico a bill for causing our emergency rooms to close, forcing schools to hire bilingual teachers, and taking $20 billion out of our economy annually via wire transfers?

  2. If the Russians don’t like anti-ballistic missile defenses near their border, then why don’t they stop helping Iran build nukes and the missiles to deliver them to European targets? I mean, if they’re all so damn friendly toward us and all?