Just don’t question their patriotism

I looked, but Legacy Media has nary a peep on this story:

Vietnam Veterans Memorial Vandalized

vietnam memorial defaced

I got word this morning from Gathering of Eagles that the Vietnam Veterans Memorial had been vandalized, so I headed over to check it out for myself. Sure enough, I found several stones covered with an oily substance.

In the above photo (and others available on Flickr), you’ll noticed that the memorial has been sprayed toward the bottom of the wall with some kind of black substance. Free Republic has also posted photos…

The most tragic part of the vandalism is that the damage appears to be permanent. The Park Service employee who talked to me said that the initial diagnosis was that the oily substance had stained the stone. He said another analysis would take place tomorrow.

There’s apparently been a rash of this lately.

betty ong Betty Ong

Malkin has more, including the defacing of a San Fransisco memorial to Betty Ong, the flight attendant on AA11 who alerted flight controllers to the hijacking shortly before the plane was rammed into the North Tower of the World Trade Center on 9/11. The mural has been defaced many times in the past, but lately the vandals have started using paint mixed with epoxy to make it more difficult to repair. Also, a US flag in front of a retirement home in Billings, MT, was cut down and burned Monday night.

More at Wizbang.

These are very classy, intelligent people we’re talking about. They’re not getting their way, so they’re acting like three-year-olds. And then act all surprised when they don’t get their way next time. Just like three-year-olds.

I wonder, sarcastically, why no coverage of any of this in the media. Probably keeping the lid on the story so as not to satisfy the vandals, right? Right?

It seems so unfair that people like those named on the Vietnam War Memorial or like Betty Ong have died and people like those who deface these memorials get to live.

UPDATE: Ken Talton wisely advises not to get too spun up about this and play into the hands of the three-year-olds.

I point it out not to start a riot but to make sure that patriotic Americans realize what they’re up against. Not all of those who hate America are foreigners. Not all of the allies of our enemies are witting allies. And there is a place and time to question someone’s patriotism.


  1. I’d be wary of spinning people up over this evil act. It looks like they might be trying to push the buttons of veterans in hopes of getting an incident on camera. http://brickmuppet.mee.nu/human_scum_yes….but_be_careful….. Mind you these people are wastes of skin that could be put to use by burn victims, but they are clever roaches and live to have their delusions of persecution validated….on national TV….where we are the ones who’d look bad.

  2. Ken you may have a point. It’s like in football. The refs never through the flag at the first guy who throws a punch. The guy who retaliates is almost always penalized.

  3. sounds like those of us with a like mind and cool heads need to set up a ‘memorial watch’. Catch these nutters on video defacing the monuments. I’m sure there are plenty of people who would volunteer for a shift. I know if I was in the area, I would.

  4. Send in the Ohio National Guard! Sorry, but whether they are baiting us or not, I think it’s time to give ’em what they got comin’. A whole lot of us stood up and cheered when that veteran spit on Hanoi Jane. Maybe it’s time to up the ante.

  5. Didn’t the Nazis do this kind of stuff (and still do) against Jewish cemetaries and such? And against a memorial for someone who was a flight attendent, who died. I mean this is really pathetic and evil. Against a wall comemorating those who died in combat is bad enough. But to deface a memorial for a fallen flight attendent, that is really disgusting. And we’re supposed to be the crazy ones.

  6. Hmmm, right in time for the Gathering of Eagles thingy. How convenient. And Malkin makes a Youtube video that pretends to be a news story – about this ‘atack’ – and wraps it up by advertising the Gathering of Eagles event. She uses the Wall for promotional purposes. The Wall’s being attacked alright. Sickening.