Because doctors always carry AK-47s…

…Just in case.

Via Op-For comes this bit from the Wolverine State: Doctor-in-Training Caught in Park with AK-47:


Federal authorities are investigating a Wayne State University medical student who was arrested in a Dearborn park with a loaded AK-47.

This happened the night of September 8th.

As a Michigander, I get a lot of “Michigan Militia” jokes. But I didn’t know that we had to wonder if Iran was backing the Michigan Militias. The guy’s website, though I haven’t looked into it deep, doesn’t appear to be exactly an ode to medical science.

Here’s more:

Man with AK-47 assault rifle arrested after leaving Dearborn’s Hemlock Park

DEARBORN – Houssein Zorkot, a 26-year-old Dearborn resident, was arraigned Tuesday in 19th District Court on multiple felony charges, including carrying a dangerous weapon with unlawful intent — a five-year felony.

Zorkot, a third-year medical student at Wayne State University, was allegedly armed with an AK-47 assault rifle and dressed in black clothing with camouflage paint covering his face when he was arrested Saturday in Hemlock Park.

According to police, Zorkot was observed attempting to leave the park in a black SUV after officers had received reports of a man carrying a rifle in the area. He was placed under arrest and is scheduled to undergo a preliminary examination at 9 a.m. Sept. 21 in 19th District Court.

Zorkot has also been charged with one count of possession of a loaded firearm in a motor vehicle and one count of felony firearm. He remains in custody on a $1 million bond (cash, no 10 percent).

More in the Detroit News, including

The man also had visited Lebanon within the past month, police said.

It says that Zorkot had purchased his “AK-47” “the night before in a nearby suburban community”, but it doesn’t indicate whether it was a lawful purchase or not, or whether it was an actual AK or a clone. My guess would be that it’s a semi-automatic clone such as a WASR-10.

The Dearborn area seems to be the news too often for this sort of thing. Here’s the location of Hemlock Park.

And more at Powerline. Apparently he’s sure he’s not a terrorist because he strongly supports Hezbollah and “Hizbollah is not a terrorist organization”.

Comforting. Maybe I ought to load a couple of extra magazines. Just in case.


  1. and did he explain what he was doing in the park? Unless he is not an american citizen (my bet it that he isn’t) and he was harming anyone, then he has committed no constitutional crime. Sorry, call me a whacknut, but ‘the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed’ keeps popping into my head. Mind you, if he was stupid enough to go running around in a public park like that the cops should have kept him under 24 hour surveilance, and been ready to pounce at a moments notice, but again, who exactly was he harming? Snatching people just for having firearms is a dangerous precident to set.

  2. I used to get paid for running around in the woods at night wearing cammo and carrying a loaded rifle. An Army recruiter could probably help this guy convert his hobby to a full-time gig.

  3. I’m all for 2nd amendment rights and all, but I don’t need the police to wait until some whack job with a gun and dark clothing kills a bunch of people to haul him in. I don’t want to be policed by robots with no common sense. I’d rather pay people to do the job and if they were wrong but used good sense in what they’ve done, no harm no foul.

  4. Hizbollah is not a terrorist organization, and launching rockets randomly at Israel isn’t terrorism. It’s, um, a heartening display of fireworks. Yeah, that’s it. MORONS.

  5. I find it interesting that America has had Arab immigrants for well over 100 years and, until recently, events like this would have been unthinkable. The only difference I can find in the Arab immigrants from yesteryear and the ones of the last twenty is religion. The older immigrants were almost exclusively Christian while the newer ones are not. It is amazing how well the Christian Arabs have assimilated. So well that I was surprised to find out people like Steve Jobs, John Sununu, Danny Thomas and Sammy Hager were all Arab Americans. I don’t recall Christain Arabs demanding special public schools like the one opening this fall in NYC. Now religion is not the only criteria for assimilation. There has to be a willingness to learn the language and adopt certain cultural norms. Clearly certain groups seem to assimilate into our culture better than others. So why do we continue to act as though this is not true and allow unbridled immigration from groups who have no intention of assimilation? As long as this is our policy stories like this med student will continue, and maybe someday innocent Americans might get hurt.

  6. My point was not that they should have done nothing, my point is that arresting someone for only keeping and bearing arms is a dangerous precident that has been set. Frankly the world would be alot more polite place were people armed with no restrictions other than ‘don’t start any gunfights’. Look at Israel…IIRC most of the population is armed in public. Whats their ‘firearms related homicide’ rate look like? Heck, because they are armed, groups like Hezbolla know that if they try a shooting or suicide bomber attack, their chances are greatly reduced because of the chance of someone popping a cap in them as soon as they fire off the first shot, or pull out their detonator. Why do you think they have been resorting to rocket attacks from locations with colateral damage potential? At least then they ‘win’ either way. Even if they don’t hit anything vital, the Israelies look bad for blowing up a house with civvies in it (never mind the frakking launcher).