Friday Linkzookery – 21 Sep 2007

Iraqi Security Forces Make Progress in Northern Iraq
Logistics, as much discussed here in the past, remains a major problem at this point.

U.S. energy production maps
State by state oil and gas, with another map for coal.

Gun Blogger Rendezvous
Hi-Point has donated a pistol to be raffled off.

Saegheh fighterIran tests new homemade fighter jets
It’s the plane first unveiled last year. I don’t think anyone’s intimidated.

US Resumes Blackwater Convoys in Iraq
Whatever your opinion, private security contractors are here to stay.

A Heavenly View
‘Lucky’ imaging system corrects for atmospheric interference.

U.S. Coast Guard To Tap Landfill for Power
This has always made sense to me because instead of methane going into the atmosphere it’s used to make electricity. Double win. But I don’t really know the details.

Osprey on the Way
Defense Tech: “We’ll be watching with great interest.

Doomsday Debunked
The Middle East is not falling down by Victor Davis Hanson

The Gun Shots
A new blog at Outdoor Life.

Just Say No to the National Intelligence Academy
Not sure what I think of the concept.

US Air Force chief links F-35 fighter jet to China
Air Force Secretary Michael Wynne gives China as a reason not to cut Lightning production.

Space Solar Power Gets a Boost
A military demonstrator project in 2015? Doesn’t seem likely, but I’d love to be wrong.

NATO Rapid-Reaction Force Hobbled By Cuts
Go figure.

Corn Maze Bears President Ford Likeness
Only in Michigan.

AR Rifles Are the “Swiss Army Knives of Guns”?
Discussion at Rummel’s.

“Galactica” Update
Now the final season is going to be split into two. So it’s not only still canceled but we’ll have to wait an extra year to see the end. Sci-Fi channel must really hate having a popular show.

How young is too young for girls to model?
13 is, for sure.

Ask Dr. Helen: If Moms Ran the World
See, it’s not just any moms, of course, that Field was talking about. It was the moms she meant.

Boeing tests small diameter bomb with modified warhead
Same bang, less shrapnel.

US Air Force sets up Cyber Command
To “train and equip forces to conduct sustained global operations in and through cyberspace“.

Congress Moves to Protect MRAP Whistleblower
Why does it always look like the Pentagon is on the wrong side of the up-armored vehicle story?

Carnival of Homeschooling
This week’s theme is Autism.

After 104-year alcohol ban, conservative Michigan town grants pizzeria its 1st liquor license
Big news in these here parts.

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  1. Iran’s new fighter jet…claimed to be more powerful than the F-18′ Yah right. Anyone with any aviation knowledge can see that its just an F-5 Freedom Fighter with a twin tail instead of a single. I’m sooooooo not impressed.

  2. Heh, Silly Iranians…. trying to hide their little faux-fighter by painting it to resemble a Blue Angels F-18. I hope they make lots and lots of these thinge. They will need them. Typical Persian attitude: Try to make more airplanes than we have missles. Respects,

  3. Anyone with any aviation knowledge can see that its just an F-5 Freedom Fighter with a twin tail instead of a single.

    And that is different from the F-18 how, exactly? Did you want them to make it a high wing and give it the leading edge extentions that cause the verticals to break off too? Maybe they could have scaled up the whole airplane and pretended the aerodynamics didn’t still suck like the E/F version.

  4. 13 is too young for a model? Murdoc you old homophobe! Don’t you know how difficult it is for them to find girls who look like boys when they’re in thier late teens and twenties? They all look like boys at 13. Oh, you thought models were supposed to look like women. Ha, ha, that’s a good one.

  5. Thanks for mentioning the Gun Blogger Rendezvous, it’s going to be a good time, for sure! It’s a bummer you can’t make it, though, as I was looking forward to meeting up. Well, if you win the lottery at the last minute, come on down…………. ….. Mr. C.

  6. Good point about the F-5 and F-18 …the only problem I ever heard of with the 5 was that it was under powered. Thats why they tried a single engine version (F-20 Tigershark) which performed pretty well (same engine as the F-16 IIRC). Nimble, twin 20mm single barrel cannons, decent carrying capacity. I still say the 18C could probably chew it up and spit it out, but only because its got more bells and wistles. The 5 probably has a stronger airframe. Then again, you have to wonder what they screwed up by changing the tail config.

  7. They put a single engine in the Tigershark mainly to reduce cost, but going with the F-404 engine did up the thrust a good bit too. Plus it is one of the best looking remote control jet models ever. Adding the twin tails should give the Iranian fighter better high angle of attack performance, which is why they added them to the F-17/18. The F-18 has very high wing loading. That’s one of the reasons they stay stuck to a tankers ass (ok, wing pods) all the time. I doubt they’d want to get into a turning fight with one of these. It’s too bad the Navy didn’t keep their real fighter instead of those bloated F-5 derivatives, but we’ve beat that one to death a time or two.