Tax increase: The first resort

They’re Still Voting Out There In Michigan

Democrats in Michigan’s state House are determined to squeeze more out of the state’s dry-lemon economy, but they can’t convince enough of their own to vote for it. They have been voting on a tax increase since 2 pm on Friday — that’s 51 hours of straight legislative boredom. For the third day in a row, all Republicans have voted “no.” Ten Democrats still have not voted. Democrats enjoy a 58-52 majority in the chamber…so far, there has been no serious effort to cut any spending — a tax increase has essentially been the Democrats’ first resort.

It’s hard to understand why the Michigan economy is lagging so badly. What we’re doing isn’t working, so we try to do more of it. (via Instapundit)


  1. About 3/4 of the Michigan budget comes from restricted funds – funds that the legislature cannot cut to balance the budget. The 1/4 general fund is where the cuts have to come, and that is skewing things badly. Some things considered essential would have to be cut, but other operations would be immune from such an action. FWIW

  2. The Michigan legislature is known for its nonsense. The end I believe is near. When they get done with their p—ing contest it will be the taxpayers that take gas. I sure hope I’m wrong.