Blood and bloody ashes!

the dragon rebornFantasy novel author Robert Jordan dies

Author Robert Jordan, whose Wheel of Time series of fantasy novels sold millions of copies, has died of a rare blood disease, his aide said Monday. He was 58.

Jordan, whose real name was James Oliver Rigney Jr., died Sunday at the Medical University of South Carolina of complications from primary amyloidosis with cardiomyopathy, his personal assistant, Maria Simons, said.

I started reading the Wheel of Time about 12 years ago and thoroughly enjoyed the first four or five books. My interest wavered over the next couple of books, and I bailed on the series in the middle of either book 9 or book 10. At 750-1000 pages each, I just didn’t have reading time available to keep up.

Lately, however, I’ve been thinking of the series and wondering if I should give it another go. Since I don’t really have the time to read the remaining books, let alone re-read the earlier ones to refresh my memory of what’s going on, two weeks ago I decided that I’d try listening to them on audiobook. Last week I actually downloaded the first book to my player, but now it appears that the 12th and final book will have to be completed by someone else.

Jordan apparently had made arrangements for the series to be completed in the event he didn’t manage it himself.

Any WoT fans out there?


  1. MO, Is Robert Jordan the author who… … …no, that was Piers Anthony, who wrote the series in which Death, Satan, et al were actually former mortals who wound up as supernatural beings.

  2. I have read all 11 books and was patiently waiting for the 12th to come out. I found them to to build too many characters into the plots, but it is still a good read. Jordan went through a tough spell about a year ago as well and worried the readers that he would not be able to finish the series. It is good to hear that he made arrangements to finish the work, just hope the it lives up to his caliber. It is a shame that he passed. If you like Fantasy, I recommend the Terry Goodkinds ‘Sword of Truth’ series. It is just about to have the concluding 12th book finished on it as well.

  3. I’ve heard at other (SF-related) sites that Jordan plotted the whole thing in detail years ago, has written many notes and drafts, and described the final book to his wife and assistant (apparently his wife has helped in the books, so she has direct experience). So the 12th book should see light of day. How much of a ‘doorstop’ it’ll be in size will be another question!

  4. i have read everything in the wot books and loved them all. jordan created a very rich and human world with people that you learn to care about. he brought a level of detail to the world that can be matched by only a few authors. my hopes and prays go out to the family of him and i wish them all the best. he will be greatly missed. btw the name of the last book will be ‘in memory of light’. it seems almost fitting way to remember what he brought us.