‘The General’s apparent acquiescence in becoming the chief spokesman for the White House’

Larkin at Wizbang Blue writes that Petraeus should not have agreed to “carry water” for the Bush administration:

But somewhere along the line, Petraeus agreed to take on the unwelcome task of becoming the public face for the Bush administration’s policy in Iraq…He’s a capable military man who may have found himself star-crossed by the double-talkers in this administration who coerced him into a political battle where he himself knows he should not be…

So my message to the General is this: please reconsider your position in our democracy as it is described in the Constitution and under our rule of law.

Except that, you know, General Petraeus was required by law to report to Congress on the situation in Iraq. A law written by Democrats and passed by Democrats.


  1. Here’s the real ‘surge’

    Blackwater provides Personnel Security Details–or PSDs–for most CIA, State department, and U.S. Agency of International Development officers. In addition, Blackwater’s special-forces veterans guard many of the Provincial Reconstruction Teams–or PRTs–that build schools, clinics, police and fire stations and other structures that house essential Iraqi government services. Work on these vital ‘hearts and minds’ projects has all but stopped across Iraq. The State department has long insisted on using Blackwater and other private security firms so that its convoys and legations would not be controlled by the Defense department. There are now more private contractors working in Iraq than U.S. soldiers serving there. Many are not U.S. citizens. Triple Canopy, another private firm, usually hires Peruvians to man the checkpoints inside the International Zone and Ugandans to guard distant airbases. The Peruvians, known as ‘incas’ among Americans there, usually do not speak English or Arabic–a persistent source of complaint by Iraqi politicians who speak one or both languages.

    And here is the real end of the ‘surge’:

    By apparently lifting Blackwater’s license, the democratically elected Iraq government may stall the forward progress created by the Gen. Petraeus’ surge and change in counterinsurgency tactics. Indeed, some contend that the actions of Iraq’s Ministry of Interior, which supervises police and some intelligence functions, may be influenced by insurgents or even by Iran. from Pajamas Media.

    Isn’t Rome nice in these last days?