Clueless in Hollywood

Cryptic Subterranean on Sally Field.


  1. The linked post focused on suicide bombers in Israel to disprove Field’s peaceful mother notion. I thought Fields was referring to mothers ruling the world bringing peace because female world leaders would not fight wars. This could have been refutted by listing major female leaders through history who have taken their nations to war like Catherine the Great, Queen Victoria, Maggie Thatcher and others. I wonder how long it would have taken Hillary to run away from this. In this day and age no presidential candidate can be perceived as soft on terror. Can you imagine the Clinton camp trying to deflect the notion that Hillary would not fight wars because she is a mother? If anything Hillary is trying to show the world that she has a pair, and that is one of the reasons she voted for the use of force in Iraq in 2002 against the wishes of her base.