Clueless at Columbia

The Truth About the Academies

Turns out that the United States Naval Academy is actually part of the United States Navy. Must be another neocon plot.

(via Wizbang)

Also see the Tank:

Ms. Leppla, who claims that total strangers say “Wow, you must be smart” when they learn she attends Columbia, has issued a warning to anyone thinking about applying to these institutions that they are in fact military organizations.


  1. ‘I heard Marines were part of that same cabal’ Roger that, Kevin. And the reason is that: 1) The Marines do ALL the work. 2) The Swabbies take ALL the credit!

  2. Of course us sailors take the credit, we can actually use the English language as a form of communication as opposed to OHRUOAH as witty repartee.

  3. Give the Navy their doe – they provide excellent medical, construction and transportation services. True, in recent years their onshore firepower delivery service has suffered in volume due to inexplicable cutbacks in the naval gunfire department but that’s not their fault. They have promised to make up for this with expensive missile and air delivery options. In return the Marines provide amusement and give the swabbies someone to feel superior to. It evens out.

  4. In an amusing side note the website linked above has – since yesterday – suffered frequent timeouts and connections to their sql database have dropped. I conjecture that the server is a cheapo clone box on a rack at Columbia and is suffering badly from attention from the internets.