Why do tyrants get so many groupies?

Rednecks and Bible bangers are mocked because they support George W. Bush, but it’s Castro and Mao and Che that seem to have big fan clubs and Hollywood spokespeople and T-shirts and everything.

Ahmadinejad appears on the verge of becoming the latest international political rock star: Smartest Man in the Room.

Now, in fairness, part of the article seems to argue that Ahmadinejad’s “savvy” is due more to the total lack of savvy possessed by others in the room than to his own savvy. I guess it’s hard to argue much with that.

But then the moral equivalence games commence:

The Iranian regime is as vulnerable with regards to its domestic policies as America is with regards to its foreign policy and war in Iraq. It is true that Iran has occasionally funded various groups that have been hostile to U.S. interests. But the United States has done the very same thing to Iran and much more.

As in, Yes, Iran is bad. But America is much worse.

An example given is the sale of weapons to Iraq during the Iran-Iraq war. An example not given, of course, is the sale of weapons to Iran during the Iran-Iraq war. Under these playing rules, wouldn’t weapons delivered as part of what would become known as Iran-Contra be considered aid to Iran? But I digress.

Then, of course, comes the nuclear weapons issue.

There is no evidence that they are building a bomb, they are a member of the NPT, which gives them the right to enrich uranium, and their two main open enemies — Israel and America — both possess nuclear weapons, with the former not being a member of NPT and the latter breaking its rules by not moving toward the treaty’s ultimate goal: elimination of all nuclear weapons.

This is a case of Iran isn’t bad, but America (and Israel, of course) are very bad indeed.

Then, in the comments, a response by a reader to claims that Ahmadinejad is a bad person:

Yes. AJ is truly evil. Imagine, him reading e mails, listening to telephone conversations, lying to get into a war for oil, creating millions of refugees, spending money on weaponry and war instead of its own people or social programs, rendition, torture, abu gharib, corporate coroption, katrina, global warming, and promoting religeous views into their own political policies. What a silly little terrorist. Has Iran ever used a nuclear weapon or sold and then supported the use of chemical weapons ? How many wars has Iran got going on right now? Is Iran occupying any countries? Spend more time on Osama, in case you’ve forgotten, and just perhaps you might actually find him. These diversions are getting tired.

Clearly a case of I didn’t hear what you were saying because I Hate George Bush So Much.

This may all end with Ahmadinejad looking like a rock star. But if it does, it’s going to be because so many people worked so hard to make it happen.


  1. I personally think the government should just revoke the persons citizenship… and give them a free one-way flight to Iran. Simple… they can enjoy living in a ‘less evil’ country. I think it would really shut some people up. I also think it makes a lot of sense – such statements would easily count as treason – and we would be ‘justified’ by human rights people for helping them out of a country where they are being ‘maltreated’. Hell, if all nations where people were being maltreated actually had such policies we would have less problems in the world! So… if we are the leaders in this ‘evil’ then let’s show these kind people how ‘nice’ we can be to them! If Iran won’t change, we can lead the way! I personally will fund the first flight for the person who wrote this article! Anyone else care to line up behind me to pay for someone else who finds the US ‘evil’ a trip to sunny Iran?

  2. It’s very interesting. If you look at the author’s biography, you will discover that he was born in 1982 in Iran, and he was immigrating to USA. Still, seems he is in love with Iran, so why not? Send him back, there where he belongs. You never forget your first love.

  3. ‘Anyone else care to line up behind me to pay for someone else who finds the US ‘evil’ a trip to sunny Iran’ Vstress, I got a few hundred bucks stashed away for 2-economy class seats for: 1) Cindy Sheehan. 2) Michael Moore. They both look like they could use a good sun tan. Unfortunately, they’ll have to give up the booze and pork chops. The way they currently look that might do ’em some good.

  4. Toejam: If I were politically incorrect, I’d note that 2 economy-class seats aren’t going to get that pair anywhere. One of them, maybe. But, then, I strive for political correctness on this site and wouldn’t dream of saying any such thing.