Don’t ever ask the Blue Shirts anything or believe anything they tell you

Unless the Blue Shirt is a manager, in which case you should switch from “Ignore” mode to “Actively Avoid” mode.

Best Buy may have good prices. And, if you’re lucky, they may even have what you want in stock, though it’s probably at the store across town. But never ever ever ask any employees anything.

And don’t believe anything you see on their website if you’re in the store. Because the website isn’t the website. But at least they’re being honest about lying to you, now.

I’d heard about this “secret intranet” site a while back but wasn’t sure if the story was true. Apparently it is.


Full Disclosure: Murdoc certainly shops at BB, and I’m not recommending that anyone else not shop at BB. Given the choices for such goods in this area, it truly does seem to be the best buy. But my policy is to not ever get information from the employees. My experiences with this have been astoundingly bad. Every so often I overrule myself and ask someone a question. I am always mad at myself later because the “help” I got was worse than worthless.


  1. I too, try to avoid talking to any of the employees at any of the big electronics stores. A couple of summers ago my dad wanted to get a MP3 player and was mostly concerned about the actual interface…so picking one out online wasn’t going to cut it. We ended up in BB looking over their selection and this blonde airhead comes over asking if we have any questions. She was really pushing the 60GB Video iPod because ‘it has a lot of memories’ I really wanted to ask what happens if the gigabytes start leaking out. Would they stain the carpet?

  2. After considerable, and painful, experience with Best Buy, my policy is ‘cash and carry.’ If I see something I want at that price, I grab it and buy it. I ignore their advertising, their web site, and their people. They’ve effectively turned themselves into a flea market.