‘I did it because he deserves it.’

Passenger sitting behind soldier reports ‘a very moving moment’

(via Instapundit)


  1. Great story! Brings to mind a question I’ve always had, and I bet there are folks here that can answer it for me. Whenever I’m in an airport and see military folk traveling to or from duty, I have a desire to say ‘thank you’ to them. As a random traveling soldier, would it be a NICE thing for random starngers to accost you and say ‘thank you’ for your service, or would you just as well not be bothered by random passers by? (If I were wealthy enough to ever fly business or first class, I might make an effort to repeat this story…)

  2. Way back in 1985 I was traveling on emergency leave to see my Dad (he survived, thankfully). I was in my dress blues (USAF) and the flight crew bumped me up into 1st class just because they had an available empty seat up there, actually several that were left empty except for mine. I really appreciated that. It was a Continental flight.

  3. I’ve been on some test flights lately (strictly back of the bus stuff) which require me to dress up in an extraordinarily large, green flight suit. We had an older couple in California come up to the crew van and tell us all ‘thanks for our service’. I resisted the urge to tell them I was a godless contractor whose sole goal in life was to drain the tax coffers of this great nation like a huge green vampire and waved and smiled appreciatively. Times like that make me slightly less cynical and bitter than I would be otherwise, which I think is a good thing. So often we get focused on the idiot fringe in this country, I think it’s good when people take small opportunities to say thanks. It reminds us all, even those of us who don’t deserve it, why this is the greatest country on Earth.

  4. Yup gang, There is a surprisingly large group of grass roots folks who are really appreciative of military personel and the sacrifices they make. They’re the least likely to comment, however. Like Dfens says it’s the Looney, radical, self important, selfish scumbags who make all the noise and unfortunately the news media is their amplifier!