Fighting the Border Fence

Quiet protest? Border cities stall fence progress
Decrying environmental impact, some blocking access to land for barriers

Border Patrol: Linewatch duty along the Rio Grande River near Del Rio, Texas, in mid-1960s.

Mayors in Brownsville, Del Rio and El Paso have denied access to some parts of their city property, turning away federal employees assigned to begin surveys or conduct other preliminary work on the fence meant to keep out illegal immigrants.

–This is exercising our rights. This is our property. We are not going to make it easy for them,” said Brownsville Mayor Pat Ahumada, who refused last month to sign documents granting government workers permission to enter city property.


State and local officials have said the fence will destroy ecosystems by cutting off the Rio Grande, the only source of fresh water in the region. They also say it will hurt the cross-border economy and send the wrong message to neighbors in Mexico. [emphasis Murdoc’s]

“Send the wrong message” to the neighbors? Next we’re going to be hearing about how “fences make good neighbors.”

Isn’t the message “Don’t illegally cross the border here?”

In the 1994 movie ‘Speechless’, which I remember being rather lame, a border barrier is named the “Friendship Ditch” by political speech writers in an attempt to not send the wrong message.

Coming soon: the “Friendly Neighborhood Eco-Fence.”


  1. Well, sounds like those towns are lost. Time to put the fence AROUND them. We can retake them after the crime runs rampant and they ask us to come back. Just keep moving north out till you find property owners that want a nice new fence on their southern border. That way you are respecting people’s private property rights.

  2. My thoughts exactly. Just inform then that the fence is going up, but we wouldn’t DREAM of imposing on their city’s ecology without their permission. Just kindly ask them which side of the fence they prefer their city to be on.

  3. The Constitution is rather clear on this one … ANY land can be subjected to federal eminent domain for military reservations. Make everything within 1 mile of the border part of a US military reservation. Then bulldoze these towns. Too bad ….

  4. Sorry, that would just lead to more abuse of the emminent domain crap. I feel its already been overused. Like I said, they like their Mexican Neighbors that much, they can keep them …we’ll have to ‘Falluja’ those towns eventually anyway.

  5. I am of the opinon that borders should be redrawn worldwide on the basis of watersheds; with the borders being between watershed areas rather than in the middle of the watersheds. Land management would be more sensible. But then I have lots of wacky ideas which likely will never see daylight.