Jimbo at Blackfive:

The left and the Democrats have shifted fire, from the troops and their traitorous leadership to the trigger-happy cowboys of Blackwater. If you simply caught the tone of the breathless headlines you would assume they have been leaving a trail of bodies everywhere they go. And yet the very report that has gobsmacked so many says they have been in an average of 1.4 escalations of force per week that involved gunfire, and 80% were initiated by Blackwater. Since this number would include warning shots fired, this means that of more than 16,000 missions run by Blackwater they have had only 195 incidents of shooting and they have had a grand total of ZERO of their protectees killed. [emphasis Murdoc’s]

No “Trigger-Happy Cowboy Club” memberships for these guys.

UDATE: Max Boot: Accept the Blackwater mercenaries


  1. That post is ‘too’ good R! LOL! I worked out of a Police Training Base near Kandahar from late August ’06 to Mid May ’07, providing ‘security’ for Police Mentors & Trainers, various US & ISAF military personnel, GOA personnel, VIPs, intelligence agents, and IT & Comms Techs. My unit consisted of 4 to as many as 12 protective security specialists. During hundreds of runs in the most dangerous area of Afghanistan throughout that time period, and despite several armed confrontations, not one of us discharged our weapon/s in anger, let alone shot anyone. However……………did I mention the 18-20 civilians in our area shot by ISAF Forces during the same period? Both the military and we had the similar ROEs, don’t wait for final confirmation of an intended attack, which is likely to be in the form of you being maimed or killed. If you think they’re attacking——shoot them, and/or in our case ‘unass’ the area as fast as possible as our first choice (remember, we were there to keep our principals safe…….not engage in combat). The locals made all kinds of noise about the ISAF killings, but the fact remained……….many of the killed civvies had ignored large prominent written warnings (in English, Pashto, & Dari) not to approach ISAF vehicles too closely, and one or more warning shots. Several others were shot because they’re appearance, demeanor, and posture conformed to that of a homicide bomber carrying out an attack. I don’t fault any of the military for lighting them up under those conditions. If only I could use my Star Trek Transporter to send the premature Blackwater critics to my old AO or the Sunni Triangle for a few fun filled months…………just to give them a new slant on life…………or death.