Sako TRG-42

Defense Tech notes Another New Sniper Rifle on the Block. Go check it out.

Speaking of snipers, don’t forget about (formerly Adopt-A-Sniper). Snipers on today’s battlefields have an inordinate ability to affect the outcome of a fight. Or win a fight before it even starts. They are the ultimate “low collateral damage” weapon, and they don’t always get the things they need to succeed. works hard to help make up the difference.


  1. The Sniper School in Gagetown has been training with the .338 Lapua for the past several years. Cheers

  2. I know there have been a lot of snipers, mostly of the antelope hunting sort, in places like Montana that swear by the .338 Winchester Magnum. It packs a lot of punch at very long distances. The kind of trauma that projectile induces will often cause a wounded enemy to die. A mortal wound that kills the terrorist slowly keeps the maggot’s buddies busy tending to the lost cause, slowing them down so you can kill more of them, and the maggot still dies.