787 Dreamliner delayed

They’ve been denying denying denying, but today Boeing announced that the first deliveries of 787 airliners would be delayed until late in the year:

The Boeing Company (NYSE: BA) today announced a six-month delay in its planned initial deliveries of the 787 Dreamliner due to continued challenges completing assembly of the first airplanes.

Deliveries of the strong-selling Dreamliner are now slated to begin in late November or December 2008, versus an original target of May 2008. First flight is now anticipated around the end of first quarter 2008.


  1. What, are the communist Chinese having problems adopting the B-2 composites technology Boeing gave them so they could build their parts of this airplane? What a shame! Of course, Lockmart is trying to do their part for America too:

    Lockheed Martin Corp, the Pentagon’s No. 1 supplier, would be interested in buying parts from Japan if permitted under the country’s pacifist constitution, a company executive told Reuters on Tuesday. ‘If the Japanese can produce competitively priced source items for us, we would be interested in entering into those kinds of relationships,’ said Dennis Cavin, a Lockheed vice president for international air and missile defense strategic initiatives.

  2. My understanding was that Boeing was having trouble sourcing enough titanium bar stock to custom-machine most of the fasteners for the 787. Eventually such parts will be more conventionally mass-produced, but I guess they haven’t gotten those lines/contracts up and running yet. I work in the Ti industry and there’s a real shortage right now of refining capacity. China is buying huge amounts of the metal for use in steel additives, and companies like Boeing are buying up huge lots from the mills for use in things like the 787. FWIW. I also know Boeing has single-handedly caused mass shortages in the carbon composites (carbon fiber) market, buying up all they need for the 787.

  3. There’s Ti on the Moon. Too bad companies like Boeing are so invested in keeping the lauch biz so damn expensive, or we could go get some. Ah, what the hell, Boeing doesn’t want to build airplanes any more. All they want to do is assemble them. Let the Chinese mine the Moon. That way they can provide more products for us to buy. We’ll just keep buying and printing money, buying and printing money. It’s better than a perpetual motion machine.