Reflagging puts a confusing twist on deployment schedule

Hereare some of the upcoming brigade reflaggings:

  • 4th Brigade, 1st Cavalry Division becomes the 4th Brigade, 1st Armored Division
  • 4th Brigade, 4th Infantry Division becomes the new 4th Brigade, 1st Cavalry Division
  • 2nd Brigade, 2nd Infantry Division becomes the new 4th Brigade, 4th Infantry Division
  • 5th Brigade, 2nd Infantry Division becomes the new 2nd Brigade, 2nd Infantry Division

The 5th Bde, 2nd ID, is a Stryker brigade. For previous shifting and reflagging of Stryker brigades, see Tracking the Stryker Brigades

These reflaggings will occur over the next year or so.

At least we’re not having to deal with that “Unit of Action” nonsense.


  1. Army nomenclature becomes even more confusing when you start talking about subordinate commands, retaining regimental affiliation but absent a regimental command structure. In my day, 1Bde 3ID was 2-15 Infantry (‘second batallion, 15th infantry regiment’), 5-15 Infantry, 2-64 Armor, 3-64 Armor, 3/4 Cavalry (3d, uh, troop, 4th…uh, something else- cav had it’s very own terminology), and 5-41 FA (‘fifth battery, 41st artillery battalion’). Shortly before I arrived in the FRG, those same infantry units were affiliated with the 30th infantry regiment (1-30 and, iirc, 2-30); there were still memo headers and other official forms floating around that, in the spirit of ‘use until exhausted’, we had to cross out the old designations and write in the new ones. And the 5-41 had been the 1-10 FA (‘First and dime, first in crime’, har har). Before I left the FRG 2 years later, the 5-15 had been reflagged the 1-15 and got custody of the regimental museum and artifacts from I-don’t-know-where. I think when the whole 3ID moved to GA they went back to being the 30th IN again. At the peon level, all that shit seemed awfully arbitrary and just made life that much more a pain in the ass. I don’t understand why it’s done, but it seems to happen with some frequency.

  2. I’m glad the Corps just kept their Regiments intact so we could concentrate on winning battles instead of trying to remember what unit we’re in.