14:04 15 Apr 2003

This from a Strategy Page post about JDAMs and the fact that they don’t need cutting-edge planes to get them to their target.

But what the air force is really worrying about is the fact that most of the bombs were again dropped by older, cheaper and generally lower tech aircraft. The most prominent bomber of this type is the fifty year old B-52. Kind of hard to make a case for a new F-22 as a bomber when the BUFF is still doing the job.

The F-22 is incredibly cool, and we certainly should field some. But what is it going to fight? Remember that US spy plane forced down by China? Do you remember what type of Chinese fighters were involved in that incident? F-8 Crusaders. From the late 50s. Sheesh.

Let’s buy some more A-10s and B-25 Mitchells.


  1. The F-8 fighters flown by China are NOT F-8 Crusaders. I must have been thinking we sold obsolete fighters to China, or they got them from someone else that we had sold them to. I don’t know why. Sorry for the confusion. ***

  2. Maybe it was a J-8, which seems to be a Chinese MiG-21/MiG-23 hybrid aircraft fitted with two engines for substantially greater thrust. Fairly old, but not as old as an F-8 Crusader. I don’t think these things would stand up very well to any American or European aircraft from the last 30 years but seems to be a lot better than either of the aircraft it was based on.