Afghan Army Cadet Assault

Afghan National Army cadets perform an assault on a building during training in the commando course at Camp Moorehead, Afghanistan, Oct. 6, 2007. DoD photo by Spc. Michael Carter, U.S. Army.

Notice that the cadets have M4 assault rifles, not AKs. I don’t think that I’d heard the Afghans were getting ARs yet.


  1. The M4 thing is definitely unusual for my experience. I had contact with ANA (Afghan National Army) Units in the Kabul, Bagram, Herat, Kandahar, Qalat, & Tirin Kowt regions from mid July ’06 through mid May ’07. I never saw any unit that wasn’t armed with some AK or AKM variant. If I recall correctly, I’ve seen stories I this blog (amongst other places), there is some sort of effort underway in Iraq to equip some of their military/security units with M16/M4s. I thought that was the height of silliness, and suspected it was more related to some fat cat defense contractor hooked up with some selfless legislators (who’s district in which the FCDCs were located), or some near retirement military dude/s looking at a post military consultancy with the FCDC wanting to score big again. As opposed to a genuine need to introduce a new weapon system to Iraq (a redundant, more difficult to maintain, and less reliable weapon system to be sure). Maybe if it was good for Iraq it’s good for the Stan? Of course that’s just the cynic in me say all that. In fairness, it might be something far less jaded and profiteering in nature. It may just be a weapons familiarization thing, or maybe the Afghanis actually decided they wanted to equip some units with the M16/M4 (without being unduly influenced or actually bribed by a FCDC! LOL!). As you can tell……………..I’m somewhat bitter about not getting a Lamborghini out of any of the deals! .)

  2. Flanker The M4/M16 purchases were an Iraqi MoD decision and is being made with Iraqi money. That decision was made over a year ago and three Divisions are now equipped. Note: I SOF has used US weapons almost from the start. I suspect these are being trained for Afghan SOF…

  3. Darn! You’ve ruined a perfectly good rant with inconvenient facts! LOL! Thanks for the post, I don’t think I’d seen that IMOD information in connection with their conversioof some unit to US rifles. Thanks for the post.