USS Montana

Jay Tea notes the lack of a battleship USS Montana. BB-51 and BB-67 were canceled, and no USS Montana has been to sea since 1920 when the armored cruiser USS Montana (ACR-13) was renamed USS Missoula (CA-13).


  1. I’d say it’s payback for Jeannette Rankin. She was the first female voted into Congress, and the only dissenting vote to go into WWII. She’s a great hero to some present surrender activists.

  2. The sad thing is that both Montanas were canceled. The first by the Washington Naval Treaty in 1922 and the second when, in 1943, it was determined that the resources needed for the Montana class battleships were needed more urgently to build landing ships and escort vessels. The Armored Cruiser Montana was one of the ‘Big 10,’ the 10 armored cruisers of the USN. These ships were smaller and faster than the predreadnought battleships, but nearly as well armed and armored. The Montana, for example, carried a main battery of 4×10′ guns and secondary battery of 16×6′ guns. These ships played an important part in WWI and also served with distinction into the late ’20s and early ’30s. As to there never being a battleship Montana, it was just pesky bad luck, not political intent. By the way, Hawaii and Alaska had Large Cruisers (light battleships in all but name) named for them (other ships of the class included Guam, Philippines, Puerto Rico and Samoa – all territories at the time). Only the Guam and Alaska were completed, though the hull of the Hawaii survived into the early ’60s and was considered for conversion into a large missile cruiser on a few occasions. It was not completed as such due to cost.