Friday Linkzookery – 26 Oct 2007

“The darkness has become pitch black” – Osama bin Laden on Iraq situation
Iraq is a quagmire. For someone.

“The problem is not with the people that started this. The problem’s with us.”
So says Robert Redford.

China Wants to Join International Space Station Project
What could possibly go wrong?

Forget dieting. Obesity a result of modern life
I don’t quite get this, but the study seems to be saying “Obesity isn’t because of eating more food and getting less exercise, it’s because times are different now than they were in the past.” Will someone please explain why this statement isn’t asinine?

Jay Tea on Lt. Ehren Watada
Very good hypothetical conversation.

Maine middle school to offer birth control
I think that the fact that things have gotten to the point where this can be passed speaks volumes about the state of our society. Not to mention parenting.

I almost forgot to tell you about the rhubarb
Good stuff, rhubarb. Nothing beats a nice warm piece of rhubarb pie a la mode. No strawberries mixed in, please, which seems to be the only way I find it here in Michigan. Rhubarb crisp does the trick, too. And the rhubarb jelly or whatever-it-is that I used to shovel into crullers. Yum.

1910 in color: A peek into Russia before Communism

NATO Falling Flat in Afghanistan
Not everyone is a slacker. Just most.

Star Trek film names Kirk actor
The film, which chronicles the early days of the Enterprise crew, will be released in the US on 25 December 2008.

Note: The article includes this bit:

[Karl] Urban’s character Bones was responsible for several of Star Trek’s famous phrases including: “He’s dead, Jim.”

In fact, just like “Beam me up, Scotty,” no one ever actually said those exact words in the original series.

Pakistan Has a Plan, And It’s Working
If it’s working, it isn’t working fast enough.

DT Takes a First Hand Look at Army Weapons
XM320 Grenade Launcher and M26 Modular Accessory Shotgun System (MASS)
Lots of oldies but baddies. Including, predictably, a number of films used for MST3K.

Vet sues Army, claims job loss stemmed from parking space
I don’t remember the last time Michigan was in the news for something good.


  1. Good article on NATO falling short in Afghanistan———-.I was little disappointed that they neglected too mention the Romanians in SE Stan, and I dissed the Aussies (by not mentioning them) in one of my previous posts on this topic. There was a fair sized unit of Aussies posted at Kandahar Airfield & others further out in the field. Sorry mates!

  2. continueing the discussion on coal, coal-sequestration, and ‘alternative energy’, I found this: Basically CO2 once burned must be turned into a supercritical fluid and trucked or piped to a sequestration location. I say it’s cheaper for a coal plant (and/or the bill-payers & taxpayers footing the corporate welfare) to just buy Certified Carbon Credits than to deal with the sequestration boondoggle.

  3. ‘The problem is not with the people that started this. The problem’s with us.’ Maybe ole Robbi Redford should consider having a sex change operation. Heck, she might even enjoy being a man!

  4. ‘Good stuff, rhubarb.’ Maybe so Murdoc, but nothing adds to the satisfying pungent fragrance of one’s urinary output than a good healthy helping of asparagus!

  5. Murdoc, I am glad you enjoy rhubarb…I made a pure rhubarb pie, and it was good. I had used what I had bought fresh and froze. It tasted like spring for a bit. And just in time I suppose for fall is here… I think I have an entire cookbook with nothing but rhubarb recipes in it….. oh and asparagus and rhubarb are the only 2 perenial vegetables that I am aware of.

  6. Hey, thanks for the praise! Considering I never served, the fact that an actual vet approved of my fake dialogue is high praise indeed. But one nerdy correction: McCoy did say, on several occasions, ‘he’s dead, Jim.’ You’re right about the ‘Beam me up, Scotty’ line, though. J.

  7. Jay: I’m not a veteran. Someone told me that ‘He’s dead, Jim’ was never said, and I’ve caught quite a few episodes lately and though I’ve seen a lot of ‘He’s dead’ or ‘[something], Jim’, I’ve not seen any ‘he’s dead, Jim’s recently. I’ll keep looking.

  8. Personally, I think we should outsource our manned space program to China. We’d get a lot more bang for the buck, and what they hell, if we run out, the Fed will always be happy to print up some more.

    China launched its first moon orbiter on Wednesday amid a blaze of live-to-air patriotic propaganda celebrating the country’s space ambitions and technological prowess. The Chang’e One orbiter lifted off from the southwestern province of Sichuan at 1005 GMT. Barring technical failure, it will reach its lunar orbit on Nov. 5 and spend more than a year scanning the lunar surface in preparation for an unmanned moon vehicle planned for 2012 and a manned landing in future decades.

    I wonder if NASA’s chief bureaucrat, Mike Griffin, has figured out why the Chinese are interested in the Moon yet?

    A chief scientist with China’s Moon exploration programme, Ouyang Ziyuan, said that the country was planning to launch its first mission to the Moon in 2010. He reportedly told the Beijing Morning Post: ‘Our long-term goal is to set up a base on the Moon and mine its riches for the benefit of humanity.’ – BBC story from 2002

    And you know what part of the Moon’s resouces we are going to get? We are going to get what’s left, because even though we were there first, we squandered our lead and we’ve taken what was once the undisputable economic and military leader of the world and turned it into an also-ran.

    ‘I cannot speculate and won’t speculate on what China’s intensions are. I just don’t know that,’ said Griffin. – Houston Chronicle in March

    Oh, and here’s one more quote from Griffin: DUHHHH. What an abject moron!

  9. As for obiesity being a product of modern life, this might not make it any more clear, but I believe wise King Solomon said it first:

    He who loves money will not be satisfied with money, nor he who loves wealth with his income; this also is vanity. When goods increase, they increase who eat them, and what advantage has their owner but to see them with his eyes? Sweet is the sleep of a laborer, whether he eats little or much, but the full stomach of the rich will not let him sleep.

  10. According to this site (, he said it in The Enemy Within, The Man Trap, Wolf in the Fold, and The Changeling. Wolf In The Fold featured two ‘She’s dead, Jim,’ and there were several other variants. However, Jimmy Doohan’s autobiography (co-written by Peter David) was titled ‘Beam Me Up, Scotty,’ and the tales of Doohan’s World War II service (he was at D-Day in the Canadian Army!) are incredible. J.

  11. Heh. That’s a great site. I had recently seen ‘And the Children Shall Lead’ where McCoy says ‘He’s dead, Captain’. Just saw ‘The Changeling’, too, but missed parts and must have missed that line. I’ve been looking for it, too. At least I didn’t write about it on my website or anything. LOL. Thanks.