Much to the disappointment of many

‘Fragging’ is rare in Iraq, Afghanistan

More than 600 fragging incidents were reported by the US Army in Vietnam.

“These people knew the war was pretty much lost, that they were going to be sacrificed,” said Texas A&M University history professor and Vietnam veteran Terry Anderson. “They just wanted to get out of Vietnam.”

One has been reported so far in Iraq. Therefore, the troops seem to know that the war is not “pretty much lost”, despite claims by some of said troops.

Oh, and many of the troops in Vietnam didn’t choose to join the military. They were draftees. I’m just a stupid civilian, but I’d bet that an unwilling draftee is about a thousand times more likely to consider fragging his CO than a volunteer is.


  1. The figures being cited now for Vietnam fraggings are essentially the same as those given by Guenter Lewy in ‘America in Vietnam’ (1978), by no means an antiwar book. Some points to ponder: 1) Fraggings increased in step with our withdrawal from Vietnam. 2) While we usually picture fraggings as occurring chiefly in combat units, there’s not much evidence for this. Most of the troop unrest in Vietnam was in the rear echelons. 3) In the ‘fragging period’ from 1969 through 1971, more than a quarter of the intended victims were low-ranking enlisted personnel and Vietnamese, not U.S. officers or NCOs.

  2. Thanks for the fragging perspective, Bill. I was unaware of most of what you pointed out. Murdoc, the very small incidence of ‘fragging’ in current theaters is certainly due in part to our ‘volunteer’ Military, as you’ve noted. I would also attribute it to a better education level amongst the troops, as well as motivation and professionalism. Hats off again to all our Military Personnel who do and put up with so much for us, and really get so little in return!