Pro-Draft reasoning from a 15-year Marine

Got this in a comment in yesterday’s post on the 12 Captains. I don’t often hear from military personnel in favor of a Draft…okay, I practically NEVER hear from military personnel in favor of a Draft…but here is one who is and I wanted to make sure everyone saw the comment:

I’m a Marine Captain with 15 years in. For a variety of reasons, I support a draft. First, a specialized draft would get folks with special skills to where we need help. Second, a more general draft would provide troops for less technical garrison jobs. Third, although military efficiency would take a hit for sure, but the long term effect on society might be worth it.

The US military has been drifting right for a couple decades now, and although I’ve voted republican since I could vote, this worries me. We as a military are drifting apart from mainstream society, or maybe society is drifting apart from us. The military seems to becoming more “hereditary” and eventually this will have drastic consequences for our country.

A draft would be one way to bring the military back to center. With luck, it would move the country back to center too.

A Marine Captain with 15 years in thinks a “for sure” hit to military efficiency is worth it if it brings the military “back to center”. So again, this isn’t support for a Draft because it would improve the military. In fact, the supporter fully agrees that it would weaken the military.

From my comfortable seat on the sidelines, I certainly do not agree with that trade-off one bit. I wouldn’t even agree during peacetime, and it just seems crazy during a war. But this is a Marine officer who believes it, and he deserves a chance to speak his piece.


  1. I am NOT in favor of the draft, not from a social view point but from a political one. Specifically politicians deciding which wars we will engage in. I view the army as a defense force, not one which furthers the ‘interests’ of the United States. As long as I do not have a direct vote on a state of war, I will not willingly accept someone else’s war.

  2. GL: I’ve been thinking about this. I ‘show signs of the disease’ because I’ve been ‘wearing a rhetorical condom’. What sort of chance does that give me?

  3. Templar, Maybe there is no correlation. Of the Marines I know, far more than average are closely related to another servicemember, active, retired, or separated. My own military heritage goes back at least four generations. Another anecdotal fact, very few (less than 20%) of the Marines I know claim to support the democratic party or their candidates. I was in boot camp in Nov 1992, we didn’t get to vote, so the drill instructors conducted an informal poll. Of the 75 or so of us, probably 60 ‘voted’ for Bush Sr, 14 for Perot and 1 for Clinton. The platoon turd voted for Clinton. Since then the percentages have slid further right. The so-called political ‘center’ where most Americans reside has moved left. Somehow, military service became a voluntary prison sentence, while protesting gov’t policy became the new way to ‘serve your country’. I don’t claim to understand why mainstream America thinks military service is so difficult, even the aforementioned turd finished his term. If he could do it…. Middle class parents opt their children out of recruiter contact lists, the poor (esp. minorities) no longer see the military as a way start fresh. Recruiting is making mission, but we have to offer more to get there. The kids still signing up seem to be either from republican strongholds or related to other military. Someday this disparity is going to cause a problem. What happens when the elected civilians decide they can’t trust the military? Well, the Romans first tried to buy the loyalty of the generals and the legions. That course of action only made the troops hungry for more. What happens when the troops decide the elected officials (whom the troops probably didn’t vote for) don’t represent their interests? Again, in Rome, the leadership had a fairly short life expectancy or a civil war broke out. Do I expect this to happen? Not in the near term. Someday, if we keep going the way we’re going, it just might. And that is reason enough to do something. Now, don’t get me wrong, I despise most viewpoints of the left. Abortion, gun control, taxes, immigration, etc. The left has been a bunch of anti-military, internationalist, surrender-monkeys since Vietnam. I agree that the left views the draft as a trojan horse to use against the war effort. So maybe I’m wrong, but I think dragging some of the lefty’s out to Parris Island might make some them see the light. Blue state or red state, serving your country is a noble endeavor. Unfortunately a significant part of the country has lost sight of that. Last historical note. The British Expeditionary Force was the finest group of soldiers the world had seen in 1914. Once they were spent, Britain took a long time to grow their like again. Murdoc, thanks for the soapbox. I’ll be in W. Michigan next spring, I’ll buy you a beer and discuss in more detail if you want. I caveat a lot of my statements because I’m not a sociologist or in the recruiting command. Most of this is just my perception. Regards

  4. Kristopher, What would the point of that be? They’d just slip across the border as AWOL. Posted by GeekLethal And this is an undesired result? Either way we win. If they stick in and fight, they have earned a citizenship and should be naturalized. If they go AWOL, we will never have to see them again.

  5. Since our sworn duty is to defend the Constitution against all powers, foreign and domestic, as potentially sticky as a it may appear to be, I for one am all in favor of a conservative, non-draftee, military that constantly baselines off the Constitution and does not shift with US popular trends. What concerns me most is the growing number of officers that I query who cannot give me an example of a domestic threat to the Constitution, let alone any undersanding of the same. It only took Hitler 6 years to go from election to Poland. In that time Germany went from suffering democracy to a totalitarian state. I would propose that the same could happen here just as easily given the rapidity with which civilians seem to become sheep in the face of popular trends. I carry a pocket copy of the US Constitution with me on my person whenever I am in uniform and I wish every officer and soldier did the same. We may be the last defense of the Republic when our government finally turns on us. As Will Durant said; ‘A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself from within’ For your consideration. MF8