Dumbledore was a happy Wizard

Boy, and I thought I had trouble convincing strongly-religious people that Harry Potter was a good series of books to read before. This latest revelation basically torpedoes any chances of convincing them.


  1. And the National Association of State Directors of Teacher Education and Certification keeps a list of educators who’ve been punished for any reason, but only shares the names among state agencies. The uncoordinated system that’s developed means some teachers still fall through the cracks. Aaron M. Brevik is a case in point. Brevik was a teacher at an elementary school in Warren, Mich., until he was accused of using a camera hidden in a gym bag to secretly film boys in locker rooms and showers. He also faced charges that he recorded himself molesting a boy while the child slept. Found guilty of criminal sexual conduct, Brevik is now serving a five- to 20-year prison sentence and lost his Michigan license in 2005. What Michigan officials apparently didn’t know when they hired him was that Brevik’s teaching license in Minnesota had been permanently suspended in 2001 after he allegedly invited two male minors to stay with him in a hotel room. He was principal of an elementary school in southeastern Minnesota at the time. ‘I tell you what, they never go away. They just blend a little better,’ says Steve Janosko, a prosecutor in Ocean County, N.J., who handled the case of a former high school teacher and football coach, Nicholas J. Arminio. Arminio surrendered his New Jersey teaching license in 1994 after two female students separately accused him of inappropriate touching. The state of Maryland didn’t know that when he applied for teaching credentials and took a job at a high school in Baltimore County. He eventually resigned and lost that license, too. Even so, until this month, he was coaching football at another Baltimore County high school in a job that does not require a teaching license. After the AP started asking questions, he was fired. AP

  2. I’m a little confused on one issue: just why did this ‘revelation’ happen AFTER the series came to an end? Can we say ‘hurt sales’? Dumbledore could have a thing for pop-rocks, for all I care, I just see this as one of two things: 1) Series is over, and we need to sensationalize in order to continue to generate publicity. 2) Big D was gay the entire series, but the author was afraid to say anything because of the uproar it would generate, which at best would hurt sales, and at worst could have cut the series short. Whats next: Ron was into group sex, and Harry had a ‘thing’ for werewolves?

  3. Whats next: Ron was into group sex, and Harry had a ‘thing’ for werewolves?’ If it generates publicity (and hence, sales), the answer is yes.