Danger Room notes that Iraq Sniper Attacks Quadruple

Though a number of technological tools are coming online to help counter the sniper threat, the best anti-sniper weapon is probably still another sniper.

With that in mind, don’t forget about


  1. Soldier of Fortune has been running a very good series (the last several issues) of articles on snipers in Iraq, and their near constant misuse by commanders who don’t understand their capabilities, purpose and operational techniques. Lot of buzz and feed back in the Flack (letters to the editor) section of the magazine too. Apparently snipers are near criminally under equiped and not supported adequately by many unit commanders too. SOF also mentioned the web site cited in your article, for those wishing more info and contact info to help support these vital troops. I’m a very firm believer that snipers, and designated marksmen (though a lot of the snipers have negatively commented on that program, and I realize the two specialties have different skills and should be employed differently) ~ are one of the most cost effective tools we have ~ we need more snipers and DMs ~ all of them need proper gear and unit support ~ All unit Commanders (through regiment/brigade level) should have sniper/DM employment raining, and refresher courses ~ The most effective anti sniper measure is another sniper The stats in this article sure make it sound like the bad guys have realized how effective snipers can be too.