AFP covers story…hilarity ensues

This takes the cake:


The full caption reads

A US airman with a machine gun in Indian Springs. Burglars in the United States could once sue homeowners if they were shot, but now a growing number of states have made it legal to shoot to kill when somebody breaks into a house(AFP/Getty Images/File/Ethan Millar)

Currently available here. Via Wizbang.


  1. Unfortunately, a Ma-Deuce is not the optimal weapon for protecting a Cape Cod or ranch house. . . . . . Unless, of course, you live on the Mexican border!

  2. Hey, I live in the Texas Hill Country…it would be great for stopping trespassers at the front gate…either that or a MK19 Mommy I want one.

  3. The story make perfect sense. Since burglars can sue if shot during the commission of a crime, it only makes sense for home owners us heavy machines for defense. I mean if the bastard is going to sue you for excessive force, why not go whole hog?

  4. But seriously here folks, what the hell is a airman doing with a machine gun? He could put an eye out with that thing. Where is the cup holder? sunshade? cool beverage?? This can’t be a real airman…. Must be a photoshop.