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Did Blackwater sneak silencers into Iraq?

Security firm under investigation for allegedly sidestepping export controls

Federal agents are investigating allegations that the Blackwater USA security firm illegally exported dozens of firearms sound suppressors — commonly known as silencers — to Iraq and other countries for use by company operatives, sources close to the investigation tell NBC News.

Investigators from various federal agencies, including the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the State Department and the Commerce Department, are digging into the allegations that the company exported the silencers without getting necessary export approval, according to law enforcement sources, who spoke to NBC News on condition of anonymity. The sources said the investigation is part of a broader examination of potential firearms and export violations.

Is Murdoc the only one who expects ten times the public outrage over this as we ever hear over explosively formed penetrator bombs from Iran or guns, ammo, and god-knows-what from Syria and elsewhere?

This definitely should be investigated. And, if the suppressors were used for illegal activity, that should be be investigated as well.

Meanwhile, let’s save some outrage for the terrorists and insurgents. You know, the enemy.

Remember the enemy? They’re the actual bad guys.

No doubt charges of moral equivalence will be arriving soon on Track 4…


  1. MO, ‘Is Murdoc the only one who expects ten times the public outrage over this as we ever hear over explosively formed penetrator bombs from Iran or guns, ammo, and god-knows-what from Syria and elsewhere?’ *chortle* What is this, your first day? Dibs on the first dude who says funding Blackwater contracts is no different from funding a terrorist group.

  2. Dumb. If they just shipped the cans and components, and assembled them there, they didn’t violate US law. If they have form 4s for each can, then not only did they not violate US law, but they can also take them back to the US when done. I heard they also exported BDUs to Iraq as well. NBC had better get on that ASAP. BDUs … just one small step away from WMDs…

  3. Why is exporting suppressors a big deal or illegal? All the security companies are allowed to export actual weapons overseas (within Gov Regulations) and you can actually shoot someone with them. The BDU comment is spot on, suppressors by themselves aren’t much of a hazard to anyone. So what if they attached a suppressor to a weapon? If the contractor shoots someone with a supressed weapon is shot person more maimed or dead than being shot with a non suppressed weapon? Any shooting was either within policy and ROEs or it wasn’t. Investigate, then disipline, or exonerate. I’m not defending or condemning Blackwater, as I don’t know what transpired during the Sept 16th incident, or anything else Blackwater has been involved in. It seems to me that a lot of the hype around them is generated by people and groups with an axe to grind with the Bush Admin and the war in Iraq, rather than based on any established facts Blackwater did anything wrong. You can see the same thing in the way the main stream media treats the war and military…………everything unkown, supposed, alleged, or bad gets run into the ground. Goods news or deeds? Forget it…………….that wouldn’t fit into their agenda.

  4. I am outraged that Blackwater THUGS are trying to kill bad guys and protect good guys. That should not be allowed without some type of UN resolution or something.

  5. What’s The Big Problem With The Damn Sound Suppressors??? If They Want To Shoot In Silence… Let It Be!!! Lound Or Silent??? I’d Rather It Be Silent, Stealthy Approach…