American Veteran Center’s Tenth Annual Conference

Press Release:

WASHINGTON, DC — The American Veteran Center’s Tenth Annual Conference November 8-10 at the Renaissance Washington Hotel hosts some of the greatest heroes of WWII, Korea, Vietnam and Iraq/Afghanistan at one of the largest annual gatherings of decorated military combat veterans.
The conference features three days of speaker panels, wreath laying ceremonies at the World War II, Korea, and Vietnam memorials and an awards banquet. The conference also features salutes to Medal of Honor recipients and service members wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan. Participating veterans range from America’s last living veteran of WWI to serve in Europe, Frank Buckles, to decorated young heroes of today.

Some of the (impressive) participating veterans listed below:


Sgt. Marco Martinez – Ex-gang member joined Marines and received the Navy Cross. Author “Hard Corps” — How a young man changed his life and became a hero.

SSgt. David Bellavia – Nominated for Medal of Honor for Fallujah in 2004. Co-founder of Vets for Freedom (pro-mission advocacy group). Author of new book “House to House.”

Maj. Kim Campbell – Female pilot decorated with Distinguished Flying Cross for flying her damaged plane through heavy fire in the initial attack into Iraq. Her call sign and nickname is “Killer Chick.”

Maj. Jason Amerine – Army Special Forces. Was already in the Middle East
training forces on 9/11. Worked directly with Karzai during overthrow of Taliban in 2001. Featured in new video game produced by the Army on America’s heroes.


Vets from “We Were Soldiers” — Well-known Vietnam veterans, due to movie and book. Hal Moore (played by Mel Gibson), Joe Galloway (Barry Pepper) and Bruce Crandall (Greg Kinnear).

B.G. Burkett – Authored “Stolen Valor: How the Vietnam Generation
Was Robbed of Its Heroes and Its History.” Helped identify fake heroes in Vietnam and Iraq.


Capt. Tom Hudner – Medal of Honor recipient; saved Jesse Brown, Navy’s first black pilot.


Veterans of the 442nd Regimental Combat Team — Japanese American unit, formed from interned Japanese-Americans.

The Band of Brothers – Portrayed in the series.

Tuskegee Airmen — Legendary unit of America’s first black pilots.

Iwo Jima/Flags of Our Fathers
– Vets from platoon that took Mt. Suribachi and raised the flags.

Full conference schedule at For interviews or registration, contact Tim Holbert at 703-302-1012 ext. 220 or


  1. We have a military veteran friend who was honorably discharged during the Vietnam era. He served in the US Navy while having dual citizenship (Canadian/US). He was born in Canada and his family moved to New York when he was a child and became dual Canadian and US Citizens. After discharge my friend worked in the US for over 3 decades, paying US taxes and Social Security. When it came time to retire and apply for his pension he was informed that the US Department of Homeland Security had revoked his US citizenship and did not recognize his Canadian citizenship. The Social Security Administration will not begin his pension payments until his citizenship issue is resolved. He has been trying to work this matter through the VA, his local representatives in government (congressional level) and directly through the Social Security Office. No one seems to know what to do, who should take action and who has responsibility. The DHS will not reply to his inquiries. Any ideas? For further details on this vet see: