It’s hard to overstate the amazing progress in Iraq over the past several months, but even though casualties and violence are way down, all is not finished. Every time we’ve found success in the past, our enemies have adapted and countered our gains with new tactics of their own, and to expect differently this time would be senseless.

It’s true that things really do seem to be changing, and that the counterattacks aren’t likely to be nearly as effective as in the past, but the nature of both the guerrilla and terrorist is to resort to increasingly horrendous methods as their hold over the local populace slips. It’s either that, or capitulation. We’ve seen many give up the fight, some even deciding to join the side of the new Iraqi government. But not everyone is going to be open to making nice.

And that means that counters to the counters will have to be made: US-Iraq forces plan new assault on Shiite city

Diwaniyah has seen a series of high-level political assassinations that have spread panic among its 1.1 million people.

In August, the governor of Qadisiyah and the police chief were assassinated in a roadside bomb attack on their way back to Diwaniyah.

Governor Khalil Jamil Hamza was a member of Hakim’s Supreme Islamic Iraqi Council party that sits in Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki’s ruling coalition.

Diwaniyah has been an ongoing problem for some time and repeated attempts to secure the place have met with limited success at best. Maybe this is a chance to score a lasting victory. The more that Iraqi troops can do, the better for everyone in both the short and long term.


  1. Part of the problem is Diwaniyah is just part of the 8th IA Division’s AOR. Wassit, Babil, Najaf, Karabala and Qadisayah Provinces are covered by one IA Division. Too big of a sector. – They need to split that AOR and form a new Division to cover. – Problem is that there is no room in the training program to build a 15th IA Division until late-2009 at earliest unless they postpone the formation of the FA/Hvy Mortar Battalions…