Wisconsin donated to Norfolk

Navy declares battleship Wisconsin will belong to Norfolk

The Navy has officially agreed to donate the battleship Wisconsin to the city for use as a floating museum.

In a letter last week, Vice Adm. David Architzel, the principal deputy assistant secretary of the Navy for acquisition, wrote that the ship will be turned over as soon as the city completes its requirements for the care and disposal of potentially hazardous materials on board.

The city expects to fulfill the requirements and take ownership by early next year, said Rich Conti, who directs Nauticus, where the ship is berthed. Once that happens, visitors will for the first time have access to some interior spaces. They also will be charged an admission fee.

Here’s the Wisconsin (BB 64) back in the day:

USS Wisconsin BB-64

A port bow view of the battleship USS WISCONSIN (BB 64) firing its Mark 7 16-inch/50-caliber guns to port during a fire power demonstration in the Gulf of Mexico. Camera Operator: PH2 HICKS Date Shot: 30 Aug 1988


  1. I love the fact you can actually SEE one of the shells just after leaving the fireball. Too bad we arn’t using them as ‘point’ or ‘Arty support’ ships for our current ground actions. Is there any modern cruise missile that can punch a hole in her besides a nuke?