12:00 12 Apr 2003

The latest weapons cache find in Iraq apparently is in a house of Saddam’s son Uday (A of hearts).

Loose ammunition of all types and calibers covered the ground in the Baghdad house, spilling out of hundreds of crates. The cache included a small anti-aircraft gun, stacks of Kalashnikovs, sniper rifles, machines guns and brand-new U.S. and Austrian assault rifles, many wrapped in factory plastic. The Austrian rifles were still in their cardboard shipping boxes from the Steyr Mannlicher Aktiengesellschaft in Steyr, Austria. The 5.56 mm rifles had been sent to “Off. of HRH Pr. Abdullah Bin Al-Hussein; Special Op. Command; Jordan Armed Forces; P.O. Box 848 Amman,” the shipping papers said.
How they reached Baghdad, or when, could not be determined, but these particular still-in-the-box weapons looked new enough to have been manufactured after a U.N. arms embargo was placed on Iraq.

If this is the same cache reported earlier today, it also included many gold-plated ceremonial weapons, including pistols and AK-47s. If you’re interested in guns, check out the story. It’s a Texas site, so they know their guns.